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Behavioral Lab

The XLRI School of Business Management and Human Resources has been training leaders in theirfields since 1949. In addition to being the country's oldest B-School, it has carved out a unique place for itself as a leading school across the board. MAXI Fair, first held at XLRI in 1979, was a pioneering effort in the field of marketing research and has since been replicated at many other Indian universities. That culture of invention continues today. Before there were Behavioural labs, there was the MAXI Fair.


Management researchers and marketers are increasingly questioning the validity of established findings. Intuitive difficulties like these may now be used to design tests that provide light on the inner workings of the consumer's and individual brain. The Behavioural Lab at XLRI is the first of its kind in India, and it aims to better understand human conduct in both individual and group settings.

The Behavioural Lab is a multidisciplinary research facility devoted to the study of human beings. All XLRI professors, Fellow researchers, and postgraduate students are welcome to utilise the Lab, which is a valuable facility. The Lab's multidisciplinary orientation allows it to interact closely with all the other departments at XLRI, as well as with external research institutes via partnerships with our staff and students.

TThe lab's long-term goal is to become the go-to location for all behavioural and neurological research in the subject of management sciences, therefore it is now in the process of forming partnerships with prominent academics and institutions in the field.

Facilities & Equipment

The lab has gone through an extraordinary make over and now boasts of some of tha very latest hard ware -software combination ideal for consumer and behaviour research.

  • Eye Tracker: Latest Generation Tobii Eye Tracker
  • EEG: For Brain wave mapping
  • Automated Emotion Reader:Noldus Face reader Suite.
  • The above facilities are complemented by the following

  • Group lab: An observation room with one-way mirror, video camera and a seating capacity of 8-10 people. This room is ideal for running focus group interviews and conducting observation-based experiments. The data captured through online cameras can be analyzed by using various software
  • Multi-Person lab:Cabins for capturing individual responses. These cabins are equipped with a 21 inch monitor, a PC and time response software (Direct RT).
  • Conference Room: A conference room equipped with LED screen can be used for debriefing the respondents or to conduct group exercises. This space can also be used for designing and conducting small experiments and has been provided with flexible furniture and partitions.
  • Video lab: A server room providing facilities to store, edit and analyze experimental data. The lab is equipped with Media Lab software.
  • Software: Lab also subscribes to Qualtrics, media lab software etc.
Past work in Behavioral Research

The MAXI fair, XLRI's marketing event, is widely regarded as the best of its kind. XLRI was the first to propose this idea, which employs projective marketing methods to study consumer behaviour by means of interactive play. Because of our extensive background in managing projective methods, we are now able to tackle more complex problems by incorporating cutting-edge methods from the fields of behavioural and neurological architecture.

Scope of work

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the research projects that we can take up. In case you wish for us to take up any other research project please contact us.

Consumer Behavior Studies

How consumers think, feel, reason, and select between different alternatives.

  • How consumers think, feel, reason, and select between different alternatives.
  • Contextual studies: How consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.g., culture, family, signs, media).
  • Shopping behavior: Individual behavior while shopping in a retail store.
  • Information processing: Consumer knowledge or information processing abilities and its influence on decisions.
  • Motivation studies: Consumer motivation and decision strategies.
  • Brand Choice behavior: Brand selection, impression formation etc.
  • Communication studies: Advertising effectiveness, message response, promotion response etc.
  • Product Studies: Effect and perception of packaging, Concept Testing, Comparative Evaluation and New Product Preferences
  • Pricing studies: Price Sensitivity, Price Evaluation, Price quality Relationship

Organizational Behavior Studies

  • Group behavior: Study of group dynamics, group decision making, communication, group problem solving and distributed tasks.
  • Leadership studies: Strategic behavior, team performance, leadership, power, and morality etc.
  • Individual behavior: Decision making, social justice, stereotyping, attitude formation and change, information processing etc.
  • Behavioral economics: Studies psychological aspects that interfere with decision making. Experiments can be designed to study the evolution of rationality.
  • Finance
    • Behavioral finance
    • Investment Decisions
    • Risk studies
  • Human Resource Management
    • Negotiation studies: Risk perception studies in union-management negotiations, bargaining tactics etc.
    • Worker-employer relations studies
    • Work-place environmental studies
    • Power struggle studies
    • Conflict studies in industrial relations
Expansion Plans

Coordinators: Dr Tapas R Moharana

Coordinators: Dr. Himadri Roy Chaudhuri


Behavioral Lab
Phone: +91-657-3983160
Email: behaviourallab@xlri.ac.in