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XOL Student Committee

Student Affairs Council (SAC)

Student Affairs Council (SAC) is the apex body and the representative council of the students of XLRI XOL. The council consists of a General Secretary at the helm along with 02 Principal Secretaries, three elected representatives from the senior batch and an elected representative of CDC. It has three members from the Junior batch who are selected by the Senior Members.

The SAC aims to play a critical role in advancing the student's interests, facilitating communication between students and the administration, and contributing to the overall enhancement of our academic environment.

The committee member's details are as follows:

SAC Email Id: sac.xol@xlri.ac.in

The committee member's details are as follows:

Career Development Cell

XLRI’s flagship XOL program brings together dynamic and energetic professionals with rich experience from diverse backgrounds and unlike industry sectors. Each individual has unique characteristics and skill sets; CDC helps the batch to locate and nurture those skills for professional and personal growth. The Career Development Cell (CDC) is a student-steering committee with the primary focus of making every student capable of identifying appropriate career decisions, enhancing students' total exposure, and making them well-equipped to meet the demands of the competitive job market.

The CDC 2022 - 24 involves thirteen members elected by the students of the XOL batch. The core responsibilities of the CDC include assisting cohorts in making a comprehensive warehouse of skills and expertise that will scale up their presence and foster the overall development of the batch. The committee facilitates by organizing guest lectures session with eminent industry professionals, and organizing Business Conclave provides a platform for thought-provoking discussions on pertinent new age topics, with proper screening and implementation of master CV improvement initiatives, scheduling mock interviews with industry experts, faculties, and Alumni to make them ready for professional challenges, responsibilities and effective leadership.

The principal focus is on academic excellence and being available 24x7 throughout the learning process to extend the utmost support to each student in every way possible, analyzing the individual strengths and weaknesses and accordingly preparing them for every job role. The CDC emerges as a great team player and an effective communicator, proactively playing as a morale booster for the batch.

The plus factor of being a member of the CDC is that it gives ample opportunities to closely network with people of diverse backgrounds with unique skill sets and learning opportunities from each other’s experiences. At Career Development Cell, we strive to provide our batch with the highest quality offerings, setting up new daily benchmarks. In the end, we foresee winningness in every way!

Colloquium Committee

The Colloquium Committee of XLRI Online Learning is a student-led initiative that hosts conclaves and panel debates. The committee comprises students from all three batches of the program and aims to bring together industry experts, academicians, and students to discuss and deliberate on contemporary issues, the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the field of management.

Led by a 15-member core team, the committee takes charge of all aspects of the conclave, from selecting the theme to inviting speakers and managing logistics. Their relentless efforts ensure the success of each conclave, establishing it as one of the most prestigious events in the region.

The Colloquium Committee has successfully hosted numerous events such as 'synCHROny' HR Conclave, featuring leading experts and CHROs, 'Decoding the Budget' with exceptional Finance leaders and personalities, and 'Techcon1.0' - a technology and consulting conclave where experts from top organizations shared their expertise and knowledge with the participants.

These conclaves have witnessed high viewership and popularity, with attendance ranging from 500 to 800 students, faculty members, and industry professionals. They provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn from one another and share valuable insights.

The Colloquium Committee is a valuable asset to XLRI Online Learning, playing a vital role in offering students the chance to learn from industry experts and network with professionals. The committee is dedicated to organizing high-quality events that benefit students and is poised to achieve continued success in the coming years.

The Colloquium Committee envisions networking with industry experts and gaining knowledge from leaders to nurture future leaders who can make a positive impact.

Marketing Club

Introducing the creative fuel behind XOL PGDM; MAXOL, the Marketing Club

Our team of savvy MBA students is dedicated to merging marketing strategies with innovative approaches.Their mission is to drive brand awareness, generate the interest of leaders and students, and keep students updated on the latest trends and developments in the field.

With a team of 10 talented core members, we represent a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to the table, united by our passion for marketing and business growth. Members are equipped with exceptional writing skills, creative flair, and imaginative minds.

Maxol is committed to constantly striving to elevate the program's position in the academic and corporate worlds. They bring diverse expertise and perspectives, enabling them to deliver effective marketing solutions that captivate their target audience.

Maxol's strategic initiatives are meticulously crafted to maximize impact. They host engaging virtual events featuring industry experts. Their data-driven approach ensures they continuously analyse and optimize their efforts to achieve their desired outcomes.

We recognize the transformative power of marketing and its capacity to elevate a brand from good to exceptional. With unwavering dedication, we are determined to leverage every available resource and employ strategic tools to position XOL PGDM as a standout program in the marketplace. Our commitment lies in creating a remarkable and unparalleled experience that sets our program apart, ensuring its success and recognition among aspiring students and industry professionals.

Batch Ambassadors

Introducing the Batch Ambassadors of XLRI Online Learning – a group of 20 distinguished members elected by elected by students from all three batches (PGDBM, PGDHRM, PGDF). These ambassadors hold pivotal roles in promoting the program and addressing queries from prospective students, serving as esteemed representatives of XLRI Online Learning.

The Batch Ambassadors epitomize the values and ethos of XLRI Online Learning, possessing a range of qualities that make them exceptional assets to the institution. With their unwavering positive attitude, professionalism, excellent communication skills, and public speaking abilities, they are adept at effectively disseminating information to prospective student inquirers, thereby bolstering student enrolment.

Central to their responsibilities is their role as the face and voice of the institution. Through sharing their own personal experiences and insights, these ambassadors play an instrumental role in increasing awareness and interest in the program. By providing valuable guidance and information, they assist prospective students in making informed decisions about their educational journeys.

In addition to their communicative prowess, the Batch Ambassadors demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and excel in teamwork. The involvement of Batch Ambassadors in extracurricular activities further enhances their standing as well-rounded individuals. By showcasing their holistic approach to education, they exemplify the principles and values upheld by XLRI Online Learning, thereby inspiring and motivating prospective students.