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Mercatus Conclave

Marketeers are not from Mars

MAXOL Marketing Committee of XLRI Online Learning successfully concluded its highly anticipated marketing conclave, "Mercatus." The event was marked by insightful sessions and esteemed speakers who shared their expertise in various aspects of marketing.

Dr. Sanjay Patro, the Academic Dean of XLRI Jamshedpur, delivered a motivating speech at the inaugural ceremony, setting the tone for the event. He emphasized the importance of customization, highlighting how tailoring products and services to individual needs enhances customer satisfaction. Dr. Patro also discussed the global village concept, where technology has connected people worldwide, emphasizing the need for cultural understanding. He acknowledged the digital transformation of Indian MNCs and urged students to develop digital skills for future success.

XOL Dean, Prof Dipankar Bose, addressed students in a subsequent session, focusing on the significance of effective communication. He encouraged students to enhance their conversational skills, learn actively, and ask insightful questions. By fostering better communication, students can maximize their learning experience and contribute meaningfully to discussions.

The event progressed with Session 1, "Revolutionizing Marketing: Experiences for the Digital Generation." Moderated and hosted by Prashant Kumar, Assistant Professor at XLRI Jamshedpur, the session featured influential industry leaders Mayank Jha and Rohit Gulati.

Mayank Jha, Head of Digital Commerce at Westside, captivated the audience with his in-depth knowledge of market trends and the transformative impact of technology. He discussed the potential of AI and data-driven strategies, highlighting the value of personalized advertisements, customer-centric approaches, and the evolving role of key performance indicators (KPIs). Mayank emphasized the synergy between humans and AI, presenting a vision where technological advancements enhance, rather than replace, human interactions.

Rohit Gulati, Director of Marketing at Johnson & Johnson, enlightened the audience on AI's significant role in the healthcare industry. He shed light on advancements such as robotic-assisted surgeries and telemedicine and the challenges they present. Rohit stressed the importance of seamless integration of AI within complex hospital IT structures and the need for hyper-personalization to enhance customer experiences.

Session 2, "Art of Storytelling: Creating Compelling Brand Narratives," moderated and hosted by Marketing Professor Basant Purohit, featured Mayank Jain, Arpan Biswas, and Aradhika Mehta. The speakers provided valuable insights into the power of storytelling in marketing.

Mayank Jain, Head of Marketing at Swiggy, discussed the significance of brand identity and how storytelling plays a vital role in its development. He emphasized the importance of creating relevant content in today's attention-deficit market and highlighted the value of customer insights gathered through various channels. Mayank also discussed the effectiveness of performance and brand marketing in delivering impactful campaigns across social media platforms.

Arpan Biswas, AVP-Marketing at AJIO, shed light on the challenges brands face in the digital era and the evolving nature of brand building. He emphasized the need for brand stories to connect with consumers authentically and the role of influencers in promoting brand credibility. Arpan highlighted the importance of engaging directly with consumers, understanding their personas, and leveraging humour and sarcasm to resonate with the target audience.

Aradhika Mehta, Head of Marketing at Aditya Birla, emphasized storytelling's vital role in marketing. She shared insights on creating lasting connections through relatable and inspiring stories that go beyond products or services. Aradhika discussed the importance of understanding the target audience, adapting storytelling techniques, and leveraging consumer insights to build meaningful brand narratives.

Session 3, "Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Marketing," moderated and hosted by Sanjeev Varshney, Marketing Professor at XLRI Jamshedpur, featured Anuradha Bose, Saurabh Srivastava, Binamra Dash, and Ranjith Kumar M.

Anuradha Bose, Sr. VP at JSW, emphasized the significance of creating effective marketing strategies even with limited data. She shared experiences developing successful strategies that leveraged available data and aligned with customer preferences.

Saurabh Srivastava, CMO at FoundIt, highlighted the challenges and significance of data-driven marketing in today's dynamic landscape. He emphasized the importance of analyzing big data and extracting customer insights for successful marketing campaigns.

Binamra Dash, Head of Marketing - South Asia (I&P) at Alibaba.com, focused on the importance of ROI and data-driven marketing strategies for attracting target customers. He discussed the role of data analysis in improving sales and achieving marketing goals in the e-commerce sector.

Ranjith Kumar M, Head of Marketing at Air Asia, provided valuable insights on the vast amount of available data. He discussed the importance of interpreting and analyzing data sets to refine customer experiences and meet their evolving needs.

The Mercatus Marketing Conclave concluded with an atmosphere of innovation and actionable insights, leaving a lasting impact on the attendees. MAXOL XOL extends its gratitude to all the industry leaders for their exceptional contributions and looks forward to future events that shape the future of marketing.