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Professional Mentorship Programme

XLRI PGDM (GM) 2021-22 Professional Mentorship Program (PMP)

Growing future business leaders through mentorship

Mentorship is one of the key pillars of the PGDM (GM) program, where the students are connected to Mentors with strong personal, academic, and professional track records who positively impact and guide their professional and personal journeys during and beyond the program.


To enable students to establish a mentoring relationship, which allows them to build and promote meaningful connections with leaders who are experienced in various aspects of work and life.


The program's mission is to enhance business education by offering hands-on learning, professional skills development, leadership opportunities, and a sense of connection and cooperation among current students, XLRI alumni, and corporate partners. PMP mentors prepare and inspire our PGDM (GM) students to become the next generation of strong business leaders.

Opportunities: The Mentorship Programme offers the space:

For the Mentor

  • To help individuals realise their full potential and grow into future leaders
  • To connect and engage with individuals who have fresh new perspectives
  • To play an integral part in shaping their professional life

For the Mentee

  • To connect with corporate leaders having both expertise and experiences
  • To get personalized advice and guidance as they make important decisions (Virtual projects, Guidance to choose electives in areas of passion and proficiency)
  • To get a wider perspective on their career journey ahead (career opportunities and career mobility)

Who are our mentors?

Most of our mentors have between 8-25+ years of professional experience and represent all functional areas of business, as well as a diverse group of industries.  They range from executives at Fortune 500 companies, Start-ups founders to small business entrepreneurs and directors of non-profits.  PMP mentors serve as role models, coaches, and mentors / advisors to our PGDM (GM) students, providing professional insight, experience, and exposure to their impressive professional networks.

Who are our students?

PGDM (GM) Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences (60+ months of experience), but they all share a desire to engage with business leaders and change makers they aspire to become.

Time Commitment: The suggested duration for PMP Mentoring is a minimum of 15 months from the start of Mentor/Mentee relationship based on a schedule that works best for both Mentor and Mentee. Minimum requirement of 4-8 hours per month for Mentor/Mentee discussions

If you are interested to mentor 15 months Full-Time PGDM (GM) ((formerly known as PGDM (GM)) students with minimum experience of 5 years, please register here.

Professional Mentorship Programme FAQs

When does this program start during the PGDM (GM) academic calendar?

From July 2021, for the current PGDM (GM) batch.

What is the duration of this programme?

How is the mentoring process conducted?

How do the students choose their mentors?

Who can participate in this mentorship programme?

How do I decide whether the assigned mentee is suitable for me to mentor? And is it ok to reject a mentee as a mentor?

Is it a paid or voluntary engagement program?

What can the mentors expect from this program?

What is expected out of the mentors?

Are professionals from only specific industries allowed to participate?

Does the mentor have to be an XLRI alumnus or a business degree holder?

Once I have been assigned a mentee, what will happen next?

Can the mentoring be done in groups?

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Mentor Testimonials

  • V Pramod
    V Pramod

    Mentorship has not just given me the opportunity to guide the student with my experience but also has given me an understanding of how an MBA student looks at a job from his/her perspective.

  • Indranil Roy Chowdhury
    Indranil Roy Chowdhury

    I loved the way it was conceptualized and conducted.

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar

    I think XLRI Mentorship Programme is a fantastic idea, and a great way to connect students to industry. The team has done an excellent job in providing support to the mentors and the mentees, and in making sure that the mentees can derive maximum value from the programme. I hope that those, I have been fortunate enough to mentee, would concur that the programme has indeed produced maximum insights for all concerned. Thank you for all the opportunity.

  • Jaydev Pandia
    Jaydev Pandia

    It's one of the unique experiences for being an XLer. Everyone needs some guidance regarding his or her career, and mentorship program really connects and delivers.

  • Ashokkumar Prabhakar
    Ashokkumar Prabhakar

    The mentorship has been well thought out and executed. The students' choice of mentors and the option to choose them, created the stickiness to the program. While the Institute set up the program, the students played a very active role in giving life to it. Some of the learnings will stay with them forever. It was equally an excellent learning for experienced professionals/mentors. All the mentors wish them all the very best in all their future endeavors.

  • Pallav Trivedi
    Pallav Trivedi

    It is a great initiative where I enjoyed interacting with current students and share my experiences with them. It was as much of a learning opportunity for me, as I hope it was for them. Throughout the program, I found the team coordinating these efforts very well organized and accommodating to any needs that we might have had. I wish the team the best and look forward to staying involved in this impressive effort.

  • Anu Senan
    Anu Senan

    It was a good programme to engage with the mentees.

  • Bhaskar D
    Bhaskar D

    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the Mentorship program. I am sure the students gained the tacit knowledge from the experienced persons from Industries. Also, it sets the path for the continual learning opportunity for the mapped students to leverage the network of the mentor. Mentorship program acts as a platform for the mentee to share his vision post MBA and helps to re-align his strategy with actionable factors to achieve his goal. I personally had good time with my mentee frequently and have guided him for the career development. All the Best for this program to bring more success to the future XLRI's students.

  • Chanakya Gavva
    Chanakya Gavva

    Mentorship program has been good bridge between alumni and students. It helps sharing industry experience and expectations to prepare the students.

Mentee Testimonials

  • The mentorship program was a really great initiative that was started this year. It has allowed me to seek guidance at each and every step from my mentor. The 2 mentors who were allotted to me, especially our alum mentor, were really motivating. The PMP mentors helped me with my CVs and also gave me tips for the different interviews. The alum mentor has also helped me in choosing the electives. As my alum mentor was from the same background as me and we had similar interests professionally and academically, it was really easy for me to connect with him and for him to guide me in the right direction. The mentorship program has really benefitted me during the tenure of this course and I hope to stay in touch with them even after I graduate.

    Monalisa Mandal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship program really helped. Mr. Deep Pathak was very helpful to help me understand my career path and choices and provided great insights. Mr. Krishna also helped by provide good guidance and assistance. Overall it was a nice experience. Would like to work as a mentor for the junior batch.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It is a good program where mentees get guidance from their mentors. If mentee is lucky, they will find a genuine and helping mentor. My spoc did a good job. No complains.

    Suvasmita Mohanty

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship Program and it's committee member helped me with finding my academic mentor and mentors from industry. My mentors helped me with preparation of resume , case preparation and gave me overall confidence to crack the interviews. They also gave me clarity on how I can maximize my limited time at XLRI Jamshedpur and helped me create a balance between academics and Extra Circular .

    Surya Pathak

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentorship program helped me connect with industry professionals who are the rising stars in their professional arena. These mentors listened keenly to my professional journey and future ambitions. I felt very comfortable sharing my strengths and weaknesses with them. They encouraged me to broaden my vision and develop multiple career alternatives. After listening to me, the mentors helped me understand the prerequisites of all the career alternatives. Then they suggested, based on their vast experience, which career alternative suits me the most and which one will require the most amount of preparation to crack. I never felt discouraged during these conversations. Instead, I felt a sense of clarity that was missing about my career goals. They were careful not to influence my career choices but instead clarified what the journey would look like. Even after our regular scheduled sessions got over, I kept in touch with my mentors, and they always made sure to take some time out of their busy schedules to help me out. This program has encouraged me to be a mentor someday to anyone who requires guidance in their professional journey.

    Swaroop Sagar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It is a great program where i got the guidance from my mentor regarding not only my carrier and academics but also the life. Really appreciate the PMP work.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The PMP program worked well in getting the right set of mentors and provided support regarding any kind of help ranging from contaminating mentor to changing mentors in extreme cases. They helped in finding support from mentors even if one of the mentor is busy , you can reach out to another for instant help.

    Shivangi Gupta

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentoring Program has helped me greatly. In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, some knowledge can only be gained through experience. This Mentorship program is the best example of that. I have got a very good mentor who is always available to support me.

    Jugal Krishna Vasireddy

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I was connected with my mentor, Dr. Indranil Roy Chowdhury, through the mentorship committee to give me insights into consulting. I began working with Indranil in Sept. 2021 and this mentoring relationship soon became among the most influential and inspiring relationships I have made in the last year. I was immediately treated as a valuable asset, with him answering all my queries & taking hour-long calls every weekend. His mentorship has had a profound impact on my personal and academic development. Not only has he patiently explained the realities of consulting, but he has also helped me improve my performance during placements. I would like to thank the mentorship committee for their continuous support and such a valuable mentor.

    Swagato Das

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Program must be appreciated and continued as Mentors helped in many ways. I have taken the guidance of mentors regarding clarity of roles that would be most suited to my profile also approaches needed to do well during interview times. The mentors were also able to guide me in preparing for the interview for various roles. The intense industry experience from mentors can also be utilized the focussing on critical topics important for any Job interview. As one of my mentors is from the 2020 batch, he was also able to guide me academically when needed. My other mentors had more than ten years of industry experience, so he had helped me a lot with the kind of roles my profile was suitable for.

    Dheeraj Kumar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Some relationships in life are professionals and others are personal. When you combine traits of both of them in a single relationship, you get mentorship. More valuable than a professional relationship and deeper than a personal relationship. I was really lucky to have been part of this program which connected me to likeminded mentors who had a similar professional background to mine. The conversations with them were rich in quality and content and full of valuable feedback. This not only helped me to a large extent to crack my interviews but also gave me a clear path to extract the most of this one-year MBA program.

    Tejeshwar Tippanu

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship program was helpful in connecting us with the right mentors (professors, alumni, industry connects etc). We were given a choice to select right mentor from a pool of mentors. In this way, the pain of finding right mentor was reduced to a great extent. The mentors assisted us in not only navigating the academic issues we face on daily basis, but also helped us in making the right career choices. Hence, it indeed proved a fruitful program where the knowledge transfer was not only limited to our routine academic issues but was also more about gaining the long term career perspective.

    Vineet Maheshwari

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentor assigned to me was Mr. Nirav Choksi. He scheduled weekly calls for networking with senior global leaders from IT, FMCG, Pharma, Consulting Industries. The networking helped leap frog my understanding of not only the current management systems, but also the future of various businesses. Mr. Choksi pro-actively helped me for interview preparation as well. The mentorship program is key to transition from previous work experience to the post-MBA roles.

    Yash Gupte

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program has aided me by connecting me with eminent industry leaders from whose experience and expertise I can draw upon. Not only guiding me through the elective selection but also the career path and trajectory that would suit my skills has been the most beneficial aspect of the program. The choice of industry leaders provided to connect with was very vast and diverse and thus very thoughtfully curated to meet the needs of our diverse cohort.

    Niharika Khanna

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The program provided a very unique learning experience from mentors of different sectors. My mentors were from the domain I aspired to get into and had less knowledge about. My mentor not only elaborated and shared their domain expertise, their career path till now but also helped in building a path for me to achieve my goals. He also helped in sailing through the MBA journey and developing essential skills for holistic development. He helped me map my profile not only to my aspirations but also to realistic goals which helped me capture the exact picture of where my profile will fit the best. He also helped to identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge. Overall the mentorship program helped me in boosting my confidence and overall development.

    Apoorva Mehta

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I am grateful for this opportunity and the knowledge that my mentors have provided me. The mentorship program has assisted me in expanding out and networking with well-established individuals, as well as understanding the necessary steps to follow after the ExPGDM program to seek the next step in my career. My mentors had provided me with the guidance and skill sets I needed to transition my professional career, as well as assistance with my resume and interview preparation. It was beneficial to gain insights and tips from their perspective, which has positively shaped my experience, knowledge, network and professional abilities.

    Sarika Singh Katiyar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • This was really helpful especially having 2 mentors. One of my mentors was super helpful, being there for any support and assistance.

    Vivek Koshy

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentoring Program was a big hit. Even in a world when virtually every bit of information can be Googled, certain knowledge can only be obtained by experience. The mentoring program is the finest example of the same.

    Prabhakar Singh

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The ExPGDM course at XLRI isn’t just all about academics and projects, it is a Pandora Box with lots of career-defining value products packaged within it. One such thing was the “Mentorship” initiative. The course provided for selecting a mentor for oneself. The mentor is a light that guides the student through the path towards glory and success. The mentorship sessions helped me develop my personality and CV. They also helped me on how to present myself to an interview panel. The sessions with the mentors, who themselves are highly established names in the corporate world, gave me first-hand experience of the corporate world. Today standing at the fag end of the course, I would like to emphasize the importance of the mentorship sessions. Mentorship, in itself, is an academic subject that helps add the requisite adjectivity before your name. Apart from academics, I am proud to say that mentorship has played a significant role in designing my success.

    Noopur Shrivastava

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Professional Mentorship Program has been a great success in my journey at XL. My career aspiration and goals were carefully noted by the team, and I was then mapped to mentors from relevant industries. Even though my interactions with my mentors were not as frequent, they definitely added value to my learnings with the ongoing course. I would like to thank my mentors for their invaluable support and the entire team for their relentless efforts in taking care of each students' interest. The mentorship program has immensely benefitted the batch and helped us grow personally and professionally.

    Aayush Bhola

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Through this mentorship program, I was able to connect with a couple of industry experts and an XLRI faculty. I could share my professional journey and discuss future goals with my mentors. I am pleased to have connected with them as they offered me invaluable assistance in guiding me on a career path that I was and am inclined to choose to post my graduation. I was able to understand different spheres of the industry that I desire to step into, post-MBA and learn from the mentors on their career journeys. The mentorship program is an ideal platform for students to connect with industry leaders and get first-hand experience/knowledge from them. It also helps to widen the professional network.

    Piyush Jayant Bawane

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I thank PMP team for having done the mapping extensively at the beginning of the course. The entire process went on smoothly. The mentors were very approachable and helpful. The initial meeting I had with them was very effective in terms of laying out the structure how this program would go on not only for just an year but lifelong. The mentors were very cordial in terms of asking my expectations from the program and then helped to prepare an exhaustive matrix to be followed to ensure my continual learning. The mentors also helped me in refining my CV and gave me tips and insights to prepare for the interviews. I look forward to continue this relationship further ahead in my professional career to help me tide various situations.

    Shrish Gopal Upadhyay

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship program helped me to connect to Industry people as mentors. They helped me in giving insights from their journey in landing to the current post. They also suggested me what to expect from the ExPGDM program and see for long term benefits. They also helped me in preparation whenever there is a company for recruitment. They suggested for certifications which will be helpful in getting into my aspired roles in industry. Hence, I support the mentorship program to continue as it has been helpful to me and will be better in upcoming batches.

    Sharmistha Parija

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentorship Program helped me immensely, I got to understand more about my calling of product management and got accustomed to the industry jargons and career progression in this field. My mentor took special interest and helped me with great insight about the interview process and the preparation that goes for the specific role and company. In the end mentor made it a two way relationship making me comfortable with the mentor - mentee path helping me grow. Thank you for implementing the mentorship program Kudos to the PMP committee !!!

    Raj Chargaway

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program helped us connect with industry leaders and greatly enabled us to network with mentors from our specific domains. Coming from a very niche background in hospitality myself, I saw immense value in the programme. It helped me connect better and seek relevant guidance on looking at opportunities post MBA and most importantly preparing myself for these roles. I was able to derive invaluable insights through the multiple mentor interactions and was able to successfully pivot my profile to my choice of domain.

    Arya Ingley

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • A good mentor helps us take the right levers and discard the wrong ones at the right time. This becomes more important when making critical decisions and taking a career shift. The professional mentorship program at XLRI allows us to choose a mentor to make the career change we desire. The mentors provided to me through this program helped me to think for the long term and make choices that align with these goals. They helped me broaden my knowledge in specific areas and allowed me to reflect on the progress made. The PMP was of great help in curating these mentors for us when needed.

    Kejal Agrawal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I felt this mentorship program is a good way to bridge the gap between what we know and what is expected from us when we join our company in future. Mentors not only help in Resume preparation but also provide key inputs about career progressions, what future entails for us, providing clarifications about a particular domain. The mentor assigned to me in this program motivated me by sharing his knowledge about key aspects and expectations from some of the companies. This helped me in aligning my preparation according to the requirements of the recruiting firm.

    Abhilash Tiwari

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Thank you to the dedication of the mentors. The various workshops have provided me with more clarity in my strengths and weaknesses. I would also like to thank all the mapped mentors for guiding me throughout this whole journey. Their advice have been most helpful.”

    Anand Prakash

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Professional Mentorship Program has given me the opportunity to build a close connection with my mentor, not only in terms of seeking help for the placements but also exploring the opportunities beyond the MBA program. I would highly recommend this program for the incoming batch.

    Tarun Jain

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Both my mentors provided their valuable suggestions and guidance, which helped me decide the correct career path for me. A special thanks to my mentor Mr. Rishi Shekhar Jha, who happens to be an ExPGDM alumnus from the 2021 batch, who gave a lot of his time in discussing with me about my profile and roles to target. And finally, a big thanks to the PMP Committee for making this happen.

    Neelesh Singh

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program is a brilliant initiative taken to help students understand new things during their MBA journey and also prepares them for placements in a better manner.

    Nikhil K V S

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • ExPGDM's mentorship programme gave me an incredible opportunity to network and openly discuss ideas. My mentors have been really approachable and engaging. I was able to express my worries and ask questions that I would not have been able to ask in other circumstances. The interactions aided my professional growth by teaching me how to promote myself outside of my degree. It also assisted me in forming connections within the corporate setup and expanding my network. Our conversations helped me focus on issues I hadn't considered before and their support kept me motivated and going throughout the programme.

    Nirdesh Shukla

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The PMP Mentor-Mentee initiative helped me immensely during the initial stages of the course. It proved a blessing specifically for the placement preparations. I connected with my mentor Krishna Chaitanya and academic mentor Munish Thakur, both of them guided me properly in areas of academics and placements. Many a times, we overlook the need of a mentor but we need to realize the importance of such small valuable connects. There would be plethora of options, doubts to be clarified. And in a B-school where time plays an important factor, choosing the right resources and information only helps. Prior to joining the course, I was apprehensive of the placement drive and didn’t have much clear idea. The connect with my mentors helped me ace the process seamlessly.

    Priyanka Paul

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Under the guidance of my assigned mentor – Rajdeep, I discovered more about myself, my motivations and areas for improvement. These have helped me to set clearer personal and professional goals. He guided me so much – not only career-wise but also in my personal growths and achievements. His advice has enabled me to have a clearer sense of direction towards my goals.Despite his busy schedules, he never fails to respond to my messages and queries regarding my career plans. My mentor’s wisdom and teaching points are definitely something I will carry with me for many years ahead.

    Aman Singh Sandhu

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • In every stage of your life you need a mentor for guidance. A mentor will ideally have something common with you. The mentorship program helped me to expand my network and understand what’s new is going on in the industry. It also helped me in my career transformation from one industry to another. I was able to connect to people who were earlier working in my industry but later moved to different industry. It made me better understand what are the skill required to reach the destination.

    Praveen Kumar Singh

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentorship Program helped me a lot during this program and I benefited a lot from the Mentors. The mentors helped me in understanding what is needed for the interviews and the CVs. The Mentorship Committee was also prompt in response whenever I requested help from them. Be it selecting the Industrial mentors or the Academic Mentor ,the committee worked in a timely and well-crafted manner.

    Kumar Utsav

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • When I joined the Ex-PGDM course, we got exposed to so many terms and broader industrial domains that it became difficult to decide and choose the right career path that could fit my interest and work experience. The Mentorship program helped me clarify the path I need to choose as per my past work background. The mentors guided me in my interview preparation and made me aware of the current scenarios of the industry I want to get into. They suggested the courses I need to complete and what skills I should work upon to fit well into the corporate world. They worked as a support system and helped me gain confidence in my job interviews.

    Rupa Das

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship program has been one of the best things that I found at XLRI. We initiated the Ex-PGDM journey amidst the Covid19 pandemic. This mentorship program has helped us to understand the job dynamics and to decide our course plan. The mentorship activity has also helped us to assess our strengths and to identify our weaknesses. Particularly, for me, this mentorship program has helped me to identify my passion: pursuing higher studies. I have started preparing myself for managerial research. This mentorship program has given me the glimpse of a tentative future and assisted me to decide whether that future is something I want. Therefore, I highly recommend this mentorship program to my juniors!

    Jayita Das

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Excellent program and we were able to connect with mentors of similar work history. Learnt a lot from the mentors and understood how they shaped their career. My mentor helped with providing mock interviews as well.

    Sivakami Subramanian

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • My mentorship journey has been full of growth and development in career, network, and friendship. The transition from student to the workforce is daunting, but I could map out my career path smoothly under my mentors' and fellow mentees' guidance and help. In addition to my career track, I could also work out my life goals and action plans. Most importantly, the friendships forged over my MentorsHub journey with my mentor, fellow mentees and even alumni are so precious, and I am grateful for it.

    Avinash Gupta

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It was a nice experience. Mentors helped and guided us a lot for the future career plans. They were very friendly and supportive. They were very keen to interact always. Overall it was a good experience with the mentors. Good job by Mentorship team.

    Abhinav Biyani

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship program was a very nice initiative taken by our batchmates in helping us take the guidance from industry expert as well as from the faculties. Through this program i got 3 industry experts and 1 faculty as a mentor. All the industry experts guided me in my journey in XLRI starting from scratch. They even helped me in CV making. It really helped in the way we appear for interviews. I would like to thanks the whole team of PMP who made this journey easy for us.

    Kriti Sinha

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • “In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience”. The mentorship program is the best example, and I resonate with these words. The program provided me with an opportunity to get valuable guidance on ways of aligning and achieving my career aspirations. From mentor-mentee relations, I gained professional and personal advice necessary to transition to new industries and roles. My mentors shared their experiences, career path opportunities and knowledge that helped me make crucial decisions in my MBA journey.

    Ekta Sharma

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program was great and really helpful in bridging the gaps between the Corporate practices and the MBA curriculum. My mentors guided me in understanding post MBA roles and the industry expectations by sharing their insights and experiences. They also supported me in preparing for campus recruitment and helped in building my resume, doing multiple reviews, mock interviews. Finding a great mentor is crucial but a very difficult process, but thanks to the PMP team, we could skip the hard part. Kudos to the whole team for doing such a great job and helping us in improving our Networking skills.

    Venkata Sai Sasank

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program has been helpful to connect with senior people working in Industry who took a similar career path. It helped me understand how I can make the most of the opportunities in my MBA course. Mentors provided essential insights about current industry trends, which helped me to prepare for Campus interviews. Connecting with mentors helped me soothe my nerves and make sense of what is important and not important during my course. It was a privilege to interact with my mentors who have reached great heights in their careers and get guidance to build my career path. The guidance and tips provided by them is going to stay with me for a long period in my career.

    Anshul Rana

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • As part of the ExPGDM’s mentorship programme, I received a unique opportunity to connect with mentors across industries. My mentors, who have an ocean of experience in my interest fields, helped me gain more industrial insights and enabled me to realize a total value out of my MBA journey. Additionally, they helped me connect concepts taught in class with on-the-field problem-solving, all the while considering real time use case scenarios.

    Divya Khailani

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program was really helpful. I opted for Product Management mentors, as I didn't have much knowledge in that domain prior to this. My mentors gave me lot of clarity about the profession and also insights on building the right skills. This helped in my overall understanding of the subject which I believe will help me in future.

    Taniya Roy

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program assisted me in learning about career opportunities that I had never considered. The mentors were helping us with their experience and insights about the industry and roles. Being able to connect with someone on the same path helped me see my own experience from a different view. They shared their perspectives and thoughts to guide us to enhance the outcome of pursuing an MBA. My mentors introduced me to their network and always supported me throughout the program, aligning my profile to aspiration and boosting our confidence to clear the interviews. It was encouraging, uplifting, and a great experience that I will never forget, and I am sure that I would love to mentor students in the future.

    Jagan Sukumaran

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program was indeed a great initiative and the team managed to implement the program successfully keeping in consideration all the intricate nuances. Through the program, I got knowledgeable insights from both academic mentors as well as industry mentors. This helped me develop a holistic perspective both from an industry standpoint as well as from an academia angle. At the same time, mentors also played the role of a devils advocate by highlighting improvement areas and helping benchmark realistic expectations owing to their years of experience. It was a wonderful experience being a part of the mentorship program and the overall value add for me both professionally and personally has been immense.

    Gautam Ahluwalia

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Overall pretty good. First few interactions were sort of mock interviews which helped me evaluate where i stood. A good feedback helped mentally to do even better in actual job interview and clear the same with ease.

    Abhisekh Kumar Pathak

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I really appreciated the time that my Mentor spent speaking with me and I felt much less alienated knowing my mentor was there to reach out to anytime for my queries. I believe that in itself is extremely valuable.

    Dakshata Gawade

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • This program gave me the option to choose mentors of my choice, and because of that, I was able to choose my mentors who are working in the industry and role that I was desiring. I discussed with them regarding the interviews, and they used to tell me what went wrong and how can I improve for the following interview. They also guided me on how to prepare for interviews for different roles. The conversations with my mentors are not limited to job-oriented but extended to academics and personal issues. I want to continue this relationship with my mentors in the future.

    Gangireddy Sivakrishnareddy

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • My mentors Kumar Utsav and Snigdh Verma were very instrumental in my career discussions. Their mentorship and guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Shrishti Priya

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It was a really good experience wherein we were initially given wide choice of mentors to choose from .We were ,then, alotted the mentors from the industry to help and guide us through . We had good opportunity to connect with them ,understand the underlying business perspectives and drew some of the most useful insights for the roles we wanted to land in .The mentors , on their part, were very supportive and approachable and were always available to help in whatever way possible.Thanks a lot to mentorship committee for roping in some of the best mentors based on batch profile and their aspirations.

    Ayush Kr Ashish

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Professional Mentorship Program by XLRI ExPGDM is a great initiative. The program allows you to choose three mentors from a list of 180+ mentors. These mentors could be industry experts or the institute faculty members with experience in a variety of industries and academic backgrounds. I was fortunate that I could connect with the mentors of my choice. One of the mentors, who had a similar Pre-MBA career trajectory, assisted me identifying the key transferrable skill and evaluating post MBA the career opportunities based on experience. During campus recruitment, this was helpful in navigating my new career decision and job role options. Another mentor who also happen to be XLRI ExPGDM Alum, helped me with the nuances of CV preparation and review and mock interviews followed by constructive feedback. I could also learn from his campus experience: effective networking with peers, time management, and even selection of elective in academics. I’m grateful to the opportunity provided by the mentorship program and the mentors' willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to help me.

    Tushar Sinha

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program was quite helpful and valuable throughout the curriculum. It not only helped us to connect with industry veterans but also our esteemed faculty members. Connecting with the mentors from different domains and functions helped us to deeply understand and learn the various processes and functionality of industries and work profiles. It helped us to understand the practical applicability of the subjects and learnings we derived from our course curriculum. Kudos to the team !

    Pulkit Gupta

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The decision to begin a mentorship is immensely important. As a management student, I made the decision to devote this time to bettering myself and my future professional career. At XLRI, I was fortunate to be presented with multiple potential mentoring connections, and this connection ensured that I would have someone who was already willing to make the same commitment to self-improvement. After establishing contact with my mentor, my first step was to acknowledge and communicate my expectations for the mentorship. I was determined to make this connection as effective as possible while also building rapport. Our first conversation focused on what I hoped to gain from the experience. Our subsequent discussions enabled me to keep an open mind in my profession and to take advantage of any learning opportunities that come my way. My mentor and I have been able to maintain open lines of communication throughout our mentoring relationship. These conversations have provided me with insight and allowed me to develop the necessary tools to thrive. Mentoring can be a challenging experience that takes you out of your comfort zone. A mentoring relationship allows you to ask questions that you would not be able to ask otherwise. As a student, you will have numerous opportunities to demonstrate your work ethic and professionalism. A mentor will help you turn small opportunities into big ones.

    Vivek Anand

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I am very thankful to the mentorship committee for the mentorship program. I was assigned Pinaki Dalal and Ankit Malviya as my industry mentor and Prof. Rahul Shukla as faculty mentor. All these mentors were aligned with my aspiration and their guidance really helped me to achieve my objectives during my MBA journey. Continuous guidance from industry mentor helped me in preparation for the placement interview and created a roadmap to do get maximum from this ExPGDM program. I cannot forget the warm gesture share by Prof. Shukla and long conversation over GMP cricket and Football team. It was really a great initiative by Prof. Kanagraj Sir and mentor committe which helped students in different perspective.

    Nishant Raj

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program has been an excellent experience personally. The mentors I was able to connect were Industry Stalwarts who’ve been a compass for me through the duration of the course. Not only were they able to guide me through various nuances of interviews w.r.t. corresponding roles, their advice in regards to academic association and importance of elective choices were crucial for my ExPGDM journey. Thankful for the mentorship team for the initiative and looking to see this program achieve greater heights in the coming years.

    Kaushik Narayanan Moni

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I achieved my goal very quickly, in fact a lot quicker than i expected and tremendously owe this to a significant contribution of my mentor Anurag Pan. Anurag was always available, challenging me, providing support and his positivity assimilated in me. I loved our discussions on various topics of management and provides straight to the point advices.Anurag proved to be a gamechanger in my journey and i highly recommend his mentorship.

    Abinash Panda

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentoring program has made me become more aware of my strengths and skillsets, which helped me to gain a clearer picture of what career path to build towards. My mentor, Mr. Anirudh has been patient and encouraging throughout the mentoring cycle. I am really grateful to be mentored under him.

    Vividh Jain

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I am extremely grateful to have alums, industry experts, and well-established individuals as my mentors. The knowledge and guidance received from them have helped me in the ExPGDM course and will help me in my future career path. The mentors have assisted me on my resumes, interview preparation, understanding the different roles in the industry. It has helped to have clarity about various roles, skill sets required, and expectations in those roles. The mentorship has enabled me to expand my network as the mentors connected to other individuals for my help. Overall I gained knowledge, guidance, and networking from the program.

    shivam jindal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • This mentoring program has made me more aware of my strengths and skills, which in turn has given me a clearer picture of the career path to follow. Both of my mentors were patient and encouraging throughout the mentoring process. I'm really grateful to be guided by them

    Ashika Anand

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • My mentor was sincere and helpful who listened to my specific needs and provided clear and actionable steps for me based on his vast experience in the industry. Despite his busy schedule, he made time for me with regards to my career and provided me with valuable input. I believe I have benefitted greatly from his guidance.

    Suyash Dwivedi

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I have been pleased with the way that the mentoring scheme went and I feel that I am benefited greatly from being able to discuss work and career-related issues with someone who was not directly involved in my work and had no detailed knowledge of it. Explaining issues in our discussions to someone who may have known little about the way that my particular department operates was useful in itself as I was obliged to think through the root of particular issues and their potential solutions.The advice received was always dispassionate, well-considered and very constructive, and as such I found it incredibly helpful. It encouraged me to look at things in a different way and helped me to be able to take a more objective perspective on my achievements, career development options and future plans.

    Pratyusha Roy

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • First of all I thank Prof. Ajith for his dedication in helping me integrate into the XL Family. The various discussions we had helped me clarify my strengths and weaknesses. His advice has been most helpful along the journey. The Industry Mentors guided me to improve my productivity by helping me quantify my strengths and weakness. Also, they helped me gain my confidence by showing me the sea of opportunities available to me since I had my inhibitions earlier on. Hence, I would like to thank all the mentors and the team for providing this opportunity.

    John K John

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship program is great initiative to help and guide in our MBA journey, personally also, it helped me a lot, the guidance I received from my mentors encouraged me to take risks and helped me understand different opportunities available for us in outside world post our course.

    Simple Rani

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentors were quite helpful during a challenging period. They help me to prepare for the interview. They have taken multiple mock interviews and given valuable feedback on my resume and How to handle academics and Placements. After getting the placements, they are constantly in touch with me and always provide helpful advice. I hope this mentee-mentor relationship will continue after college.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program is one of the best experiences in identifying my strengths and weaknesses and working on them. Both my mentors were excellent and helped me throughout my journey. We were constantly in touch and discussed multiple opportunities, including the expanding roles that the industry is offering. The mentors were very dedicated and clarified all my doubts. My mentors helped me develop different perspectives of the multiple industries and weigh the opportunities and threats.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentorship Program was planned and executed brilliantly by the team and it helped immensely in understanding the faults in the preparation of academics and placements.

    Sanjeev Suman

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The concept of having mentors from Industry and Academia throughout the one-year MBA journey was excellent. Choosing mentors based on your career aspirations made it much more impactful. Also, I liked the flexibility it provided to schedule mentorship sessions based on both sides' availability. Connecting with the people already at the place what you are aspiring for provides valuable input. It helped me structure my academic and placement activities while enhancing my overall personality. It also helped me in making some meaningful industry connections.

    Manish Budhwar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I want to express my gratitude to Prof. TAS for his tireless efforts in helping me work on my strengths and weaknesses and move towards my goal. Various interactions with the Industry Mentors also assisted me in gaining confidence by demonstrating the vast array of options that were open to me. I am thankful to all of the mentors and the team for offering this opportunity.

    Priyanka Shailesh

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • This program helped me a lot in getting to know about real time industry insights from the mentors that were assigned to me. The experience was holistic, discussions ranging from aspirations, career counselling, skill mapping and the course of action to effectively reach goals. Good industry mentors really helped providing a holistic approach to career management.

    Ashish Soni

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Rachit Arora: I had a series of very insightful discussions with Rachit. He gave me useful suggestions about interviews, my choice of roles, relevant industry trends in my area. We also discussed the electives subjects in detail. He was very helpful as mentor.

    Anwesha Samal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It is a very good initiative by the PMP team and helped me in many aspects. The initiative helped in choosing the right mentors for me based on my past experience and future aspirations. Mentors, I was assigned with helped me in building an impressive CV, provided guidance in the roles to choose for the future, and many more. Not only these they also helped me in clarifying academic-related doubts and were also available whenever required. The program helped in building connections with alumni of the previous Ex PGDM batch. In the end, I would say that such good initiatives should carry to the next batches also.

    Bhavya Yadav

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I received valuable industry insights from my mentor. His feedbacks were essential in developing the skills that were required to inculcate a business acumen. I could ask my doubts and the mentor was the best person to solve them. It helped me grow as a professional and understand the intricacies of working in a corporate along with understanding the skills that I needed to develop in order to pursue the role I wanted to achieve in my career.

    Aishwarya Srivastava

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The guidance provided by the Go Crack it mentors were really helpful.

    Udit Kumar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • This was a great experience, I spoke to one of the mentors on regular basis, he was extremely helpful in explaining me the different roles and responsibilities, expectations around the role I was targeting. Also, he was very open with feedback

    Ankita Singh

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Mentorship initiative has given me a platform to connect with industry persons who are pursuing great careers. I happened to receive 2 such mentors from our XLRI GMP Alumni itself. Both are into Consulting field aligning to my career aspirations and they have helped me to understand the ground reality in industry and skills needed to thrive in future. Both are very cooperative despite their busy schedules. I would like to continue my association with them in the long run too and leverage this network

    Tamiri Mallikarjuna Rao

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentor-Mentee initiative helped me immensely during the initial stages of the course. It proved a blessing specifically for the placement preparations. The mentors were helping me with their experience and insights about the industry and roles. Many a times, we overlook the need of a mentor but we need to realize the importance of such small valuable connects. There would be plethora of options, doubts to be clarified. In a B-school where time plays an important factor, choosing the right resources and information only helps. Even when the allocated mentor doesn't suit my requirements, I was able to connect with one of my batch mates's mentor. He was more than happy to help me in my CV preparation. It was encouraging, uplifting, and a great experience that I will never forget, and I am sure that I would love to mentor students in the future.

    Sarveshvar T S

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentoring Program was a fantastic experience. Mentors are patient and willing to offer their knowledge and expertise while listening intently. Their unwavering support has been priceless. My major purpose was to seek advice and learn from a trained professional. The mentors are outstanding and have a high level of knowledge. Mentoring was well-organized, and they patiently answered all of my inquiries. My mentors assisted me in a variety of ways, including providing insight and feedback, helping me develop my résumé, and assisting me in practicing answering interview questions. Having this program as a resource was extremely beneficial.

    Mamta Kerpal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It was indeed a great initiative by the team to comeup with such a program where the students get benefited by the presence of Faculties as well as corporate leaders who have got a plethora of experience.I had a great time with my Mentors where they actually helped me to untangle the confusion about choosing roles and identifying the strengths and weakness. The program has actually helped with providing me a mentor for a lifelong journey where I can reach out to them incase of any difficulties during or after the program as well.

    Bibaswan Satpathy

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I had a very great experience with my mentor in terms of learning and gaining knowledge. He has assisted me throughout my MBA journey. I have gained industry insights which had helped me to take various decisions. This program is really useful and had helped me to take important steps for my career.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • With the support of a mentor, one can stay focused on their career, gain confidence, attain goals, and expand their networks. Also, having a mentor leads to self-discovery and helped me continue growing in my career. In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience. Mentorship program is the best example of that. This program helped me to become a better version of myself. The program is a great success and I wish it helps many more students like me in future.

    Apoorva Tripathi

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentors I got were very helpful and guided me throughout.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like Mentorship to help you.I reached my goal very quickly – a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to my mentors for challenging me, providing support, his positivity and accessibility. My mentor was the game-changer for me. When I started, I was like a fish out of water. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself.

    Prashant Kumar Sinha

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The idea of having industry and academic mentors throughout the one-year MBA programme was brilliant in theory. It was far more meaningful when you chose mentors based on your career goals. The flexibility it provided in terms of scheduling mentorship meetings based on the availability of both parties was an additional advantage. Connecting with people who are already in the position you want to be in is a great way to get valuable feedback. Although the curriculum gets overwhelming very frequently in the course, having a mentor guiding your way through it is a huge support.

    Bhavya Jha

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Industry and Faculty mentorship program is indeed a great initiative to network and connect with people who can guide us in our career transformation journey. The exhaustive list of mentors gives an overview of career journey across industries and Roles. I could connect with mentors who had experience with roles I aspired for and could discuss my career progression queries at length. This gave a lot of clarity and helped me with my preparation. The Faculty mentors also share knowledgeable insights from the course perspective to prepare for our future roles and help with holistic personal and professional development.

    Deeksha Shetty

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I'd like to express my gratitude to Prof. Rahul Kumar Shukla for his persistent efforts in assisting me in improving my strengths and shortcomings and moving closer to my objective. Frequent contacts with Industry Mentors also aided in my confidence building by showcasing the huge number of alternatives available to me. I'd like to thank all the mentors and the team for allowing me to participate in this mentorship program.

    Rahul Kumar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program is a good initiative and I think I got full support and sincere advice from the mentors. Thank to mentorship team for co ordinating the whole process.

    Alok Baranwal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The program has helped me connect with and seek guidance from amazing professionals from the financial services space. I have learnt a lot from my mentors and I am glad to have been a part of such an enriching initiative.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I had immense help in understanding the opportunities of fintech which was particularly helpful in converting interviews. I could reach to my mentors with any doubts and they provided assistance in mitigating the doubts. I am very thankful to all my mentors as well as the committee.

    Sayak Biswas

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program was a great initiative by the PMP committee and the placement office. The mentors were really helpful and approachable. Despite their busy schedules, they made themselves available on working days if required. This mentorship program has helped to establish a connection with mentors from different industries and domains. I got to learn a lot from my mentors, especially about their industry and field of work.

    Nikita Agarwal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • My mentor was Anurag Singhal. Upon our first meeting, I got a bit of clarity on what I wanted to pursue in the future. My mentor helped me understand the career path and various opportunities to take a transition. Further, he was available at times when I needed any career related help. He suggested a few videos and websites to follow to attain the basic understanding of the industry knowledge that I wished to gain, aligned to my future aspirations. Overall in a short stint, it was a good experience for me.

    Aseem Dhanda

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I am very much thankful for this opportunity as well as the knowledge that my mentors have shared with me. The mentorship programme has aided me in branching out and networking with well-known persons, as well as learning the procedures to take after completing the ExPGDM programme in order to pursue the next step in my career. My mentors had helped me transition my professional career by providing me with the knowledge and skill sets I required, as well as aid with my resume and interview preparation. Gaining ideas and advice from their point of view was beneficial, and it has positively molded my experience, expertise, network, and professional talents.

    Prateek Mohanty

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The power of guidance is unmatchable. A good mentor can help you flourish in your career. And that is what exactly happened to me. I had joined this course with a hope to get into a managerial role. The entire idea was vague and I had limited clarity on the roles or profiles that exist in the market and the type that would suit me. The first time I had a call with my mentors suddenly I felt guided and knew I was in safe hands. They understood my profile my past work experience and my aspirations. Although I had a 7 years of work experience but I would be really thankful to my mentors to making me aware of the type of roles that were made for me. The mock interviews, the resume review, honest and critical feedback helped me focus on my areas of improvement. They were very approachable and never failed to make time out of their busy schedule to help in any possible way.

    Joshita Sen

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I gained some real lucrative insights from my mentors, especially Vijaya Ma’am and Antoinette ma’am. They’ve helped me realise my potential and set my goals basis my capabilities. Every interaction with them brought out some unexplored traits in me that I could not have discovered for myself if it were not for them. I find myself extremely lucky to have been guided by these top industrial pioneers.

    Deepika Mazumdar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorshiop program gave me the opportunity to connect with and seek guidance from the consultants in the industry of some of the leading firms, who helped me to carve my way through my goal. Getting to learn about their first hand experience and setting a roadmap for my future possibilities made my version of the path to achieve my goals clearer.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program started by XLRI was an excellent and unique way of making the candidates future-ready for their professional journey. Students got a chance to connect with industry leaders and learn from them through one-to-one interaction, which proved to be a great initiative in helping students transform their careers. These students were also assigned an XLRI professor as the academic mentor to guide them through academics and help students understand the subjects required according to their aspirations. This bridged the gap between what was known and what ought to be known by the students while entering the institute and then starting a new journey post the one-year academic rigour.

    Gaurang Agarwal

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentors played an important role in becoming what I am today. There were ups and downs in the journey, but I am incredibly grateful to have alumni, industry experts, and empathetic persons as my mentors who had always helped me when I needed them the most. When I joined this course, I knew what I had to achieve but did not know how should I go about it. The mentor cleared my doubts and helped me in my decision-making process. I got to know industry insights from them and how I could become relevant to the industry. Overall, it was a cherishable experience engaging with them.


    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The programme is very smooth. So far the mentors are concerned they're very cooperative and friendly. I always felt they are just a call away from me. I called them during my interview preparation as well as for course insights while choosing the elective, they always guided me. Although they are senior to me but now I was able to build very good tuning with them. Kudos to the PMP Team. Great Job Guys.

    Ankit S Sharma

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The Mentorship Initiative was a game changing experience for me. Back to college with a lot at stake, a lot of uncertainty, and not much direction there was always a fear of how things would pan out. However, the Mentorship Program graciously allowed me to pick mentors of my choice based on my aspirations. The mentors were able to shed light on every query I had and set me on the right path to my post MBA Career.

    Erastus J. Clement

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I had selected Hemant Kshirsagar as my mentor since I needed someone to help me understand the scope of FinTech industry as I wanted to transition into it. Transition to FinTech seemed like next logical step given that my background in Payment Transactions, Point-Of-Sales development and Information Security. But Hemant helped me understand that my perspective and ground reality differed greatly and that FinTech industry definition had changed in recent times. He advised me to not limit career focus on just FinTech but take opportunities as they; and they would definitely come given my technology background. I had not realized this but as per Hemant my experience in Technology, Payments and Security combined with MBA degree is a sure-shot goldmine of opportunities and I just had to plan my career properly and be open to opportunities not just in Product Management but also in Technology Consulting.

    Aditya Mhatre

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • Through the Professional Mentorship Program, I was able to get guidance and valuable input from industry leaders who took out their valuable time in order to direct me on various aspects like CV preparation, interview preparation, skill development and latest trends and technologies in the industry. Since they were from similar industry as me and had transitioned or changed their domain, their guidance came in handy as they shared their personal insights and experiences which really helped during my own interview and will definitely help me further in my post MBA professional journey. I would like to thank all my mentors for their valuable time and appreciate their effort.

    Madhumita Sengupta

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • An extremely thoughtful initiative by XLRI and very wonderfully executed by the PMP committee. From mapping mentors based on past experience and future expectations to setting up progress sessions and reports, it helped me unearth the chinks in my armour as well as work upon them in due time via mentors’ guidance, CV refinement and other self development activity suggestions from the mentors. The mentors provided were accomplished and seasoned professionals who not only helped me in clarifying academic-related doubts and but were also available whenever required. Through this initiative I was also able to build connections with XL alumnus and others. In the end, I would say that such good initiatives should carried for upcoming batches too.

    Varun Kumar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The intent of the program is good. The go-crackit mentors proved out to be more valuable.

    Mohit Kumar

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • The mentorship program provided not only gave me clarity to choose my career choice, but has also helped me get a fair idea of my long term goal. My mentors have been supportive throughout the XL journey and have helped me become a better professional. The mentorship program is one of the key initiatives that have the power to alter the journey of a student in XL and become a means to provide much needed guidance on professional career paths, academics and striving professional excellence.

    Niharikaa Jain

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • I found the opportunity to interact with senior leaders in the HR & Marketing domains deeply beneficial. My mentors were able to augment the theoretical learning at XLRI by providing me with practical insights into the functioning of HR from the perspective of media and infrastructure industries. These interactions enabled me to reflect on my competencies and experiences and plan my career path. I also found my interactions with Mr. Kanishka Malik very inspiring as he balanced his corporate career with actively guiding young students from various colleges on the intricacies of HR in corporate life.

    Peeyush V V

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It was great learning from Abhishek the nuance of the Equity Market. In whatever time we spoke about the markets I learnt about risk management and wealth management. Position sizing and diversification of portfolio is something which i did learn from Abhishek. His word were "Investing is a mix of skill and luck" and I completely agree with him. It was a great initiative by the mentorship committee and this helped me learn a lot from Abhisheks experiences. I suggest everyone make best use of their time with mentors and try and maximise their learnings.

    K.P. Aditya Rao

    ExPGDM 2021-22

  • It was a great experience with both my mentors. Mr. Tirthankar has a very planned mentorship pattern and Mr. Utsav is very approachable. Both my mentors had their different ways of mentoring the mentees, It has been very helpful for understanding the roles and responsibilities. They took few sessions where both of them have explained the experiences and goals for Product Manger as a role. It has been very helpful sessions.

    Archita Samanta

    ExPGDM 2021-22