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How To Create Visibility?

A successful recruiting effort is possible only when the students know you better. XLRI offers you many opportunities to help build a good corporate image among the students. The following are our recommendations for the same.

Pre-placement Talks (PPTs)

The pre-placement talks are presentations organized by the company on the college campus. Over the years, they have become the primary forums for company-student interaction. These talks give the student a chance to learn more about your company, your people and your work culture. The students can also learn about the opportunities for growth, learning and advancement that your company offers. They can also form a first-hand impression of your company and can make an informed decision about applying for the placements. We have over the years found that senior executives are the most effective in delivering the PPTs and also making a strong statement of commitment to recruiting from this institute. The PPTs can take place on any mutually convenient day. If the company wishes to display some promotional material on campus, the final form of the material can be sent to the Placement Office, which will arrange for its display.

Distributing the Published Material

An effective way of creating awareness about your company among the students is to provide them with information. The information could be in the form of annual reports, company brochures, pamphlets, research material and other published information. The placement office will ensure distribution of such material amongst the students. The students could also be provided with live case studies. This could be done by conducting Case Contests. A panel comprising company executives with/without XLRI faculty could evaluate the student presentations.

Conferences, Workshops, Academic Fairs

Various events, speaker series, panel discussions, conferences, workshops and academic fairs can be organized in which your company may participate directly or contribute through partnerships. Institute scholarships and awards can also be sponsored by your company as a way to express your companies' commitment to excellence in the student community at XLRI.

Sponsoring Projects

Projects are an integral part of the academic curriculum at XLRI. Over the years, many students have taken up live projects with many organizations. This provides the students involved a basic understanding of the company's operations. It also raises your companies' profile among students and the faculty.