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General Programme Information
Get more information about the PGDM (GM), its learning objective and curriculum

How is Executive PGDM different from other programmes of XLRI?

Executive PGDM is a 15-month, full-time residential management programme in general management while the PGDM(BM) and PGDM(HRM) are two-year programmes. The Executive PGDM is designed specifically for professionals with minimum five years of work experience after completion of graduation. The programme provides a foundation in key management concepts and disciplines and builds on students' existing experience to prepare them for senior management positions.

What are the programme's objectives?

The course enables students to grasp the latest management theories, broadens perspectives and launches them into new avenues of problem solving. XLRI's deep commitment to nation building is demonstrated year on year, as the program nurtures socially responsible change agents transforming the business landscape of modern India.

What Degree is offered at the end of Executive PGDM?

On successful completion, students are given a Master of Business Administration degree.

What specialisations do you offer?

The Executive PGDM is a general management programme that prepares students for top managerial roles. However, you can tailor the programme to meet your own needs, and post-program employment aims through a wide range of electives. In this way, you can gain all the essential general management skills and specialise in areas of management necessary for your current and future goals. Details of elective courses can be found on our website.

Would the Executive PGDM enable students to go for higher studies like PhD?

Yes! They are eligible to apply for higher studies. Some have also gone on to do PhD at places such as the Harvard Business School.

What are the opportunities for Industry-Academia interaction during the course?

There are many avenues for Industry-Academia interactions for Executive PGDM students during the year as follows:

Participating in student clubs such as:

  • Kautilya Consulting Club
  • Marketing Club
  • BizTech Club
  • Operations Club

Speaker Series – where students invite eminent leaders from industry and government to the campus. Regular interactions with participants who come to the campus for executive training. Executives at senior, mid-senior and top management levels come from all over the country to XLRI.

Student activities such as:

  • Industry Exhibitions
  • Various Seminars and conferences in and off-campus
  • Placement/Career Services Activities


Application Process
Find details about the eligibility requirements and all components of the application

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for Executive PGDM?

  • A bachelor's Degree (minimum 10+2+3 years of formal education) or equivalent in any discipline.
  • Minimum age of 25 years as on 31st March of the year in which the PGDM (GM) programme commences.
  • At least five years of full-time work experience after completion of graduation
  • Valid XAT/ GMAT /GRE Score

What are the minimum marks/grade a candidate should have at bachelor's level to apply for the Executive PGDM programme?

There is no minimum requirement of bachelor's level scores. However, selected candidates are likely to have had a consistently good academic record.

How does one apply to Executive PGDM at XLRI?

Applicants of Executive PGDM must complete the following steps.

Register your interest by visiting https://www.xlri.ac.in/academic-programmes/school-of-business/pgdgm.php

Do you need a Letter of Recommendations / Statement of Purpose / Essays?

Essays and Letters of Recommendation only come after the candidates are shortlisted and not during application submission. Only shortlisted candidates would be asked to submit two essays – the topics of which will be announced along with the shortlisting for personal interviews. However, successful candidates are required to give details of three references.

What are the documents required to be submitted along with the online application?

XAT/GMAT or GRE score report (of your highest score if you have taken multiple tests)

Academic qualifications (graduation onwards) Employment history (including details of entrepreneurship, if any)

Certificates of achievements in sports, arts, extra-curricular activities, etc. at regional, national or international levels

Passport details as requested (Please ensure that your passport validity is at least up to April 2022)

*Please note that for certificates which are not printed in English, Hindi or Gujarati languages, the candidates are requested to submit certified translations of these certificates in the English language.

What are the other documents that you may need later?

  • We will need the following documents at the time of your joining the institute:
  • Medical Health Insurance for self and accompanying family members for at least Rs. 1,50,000/- for at least one year stay in the campus. Please note that sometimes, candidates are covered under the group insurance provided by employers to self or the spouse. This is acceptable as long as the amount of insurance and coverage period are as per our requirement.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (the format of which will be provided in January end. Candidates have to arrange to get the medical fitness certificate on their own cost as per this format from a qualified consulting physician un-related to them)
  • Passport: Please ensure that your passport validity is at least one more year from the time you join the programme. This is important since as part of the programme, students have to mandatorily travel to other international universities/institutions for the International Immersion Programme. The students have to obtain a visa. Some countries have a requirement of a minimum validity period of 6 months to 1 year of the passport.
  • Letter of Sabbatical or Relieving Letter
  • Any other document/information that the Executive PGDM Office may request for

What care should one take while filling in the online application form?

Please ensure that all data such as your date of birth, academic qualifications (degree titles, names of the institution/university, grades/marks, XAT/GMAT id, XAT/GMAT scores etc.) and work experience are correctly entered. Please remember that all the details mentioned in the online application form will have to be supported by relevant documents later. The admission (if offered) will automatically stand cancelled if the data you enter and the data on the documents are different.

Why is this requirement of supporting documents essential?

Our application processing is based on a computerised system which rates applications based on various parameters such as XAT/GMAT score, age, work experience, international work experience, educational qualifications, industry, gender, etc. Hence every data must be correct.

If I am now based abroad and do not have my documents with me, what should I do?

Kindly arrange to obtain the necessary documents/information from the place where it is kept to the place where you are now residing. It is essential to provide the correct information in the application form.

The company in which I had worked some years ago does not exist anymore. And I do not have any letter/certificate with me about this work experience. What should I do?

It is essential that you provide the relevant documentary support; in case you do not have a certificate of experience then you can offer other useful documents like Letter of Appointment etc. Therefore, in any case, the information needs to be supported by some kind of relevant documents.

How will international work experience be counted?

We consider your work experience documents issued from your company where dates of international work experience are mentioned. Please note that visiting international locations for participation in any conference/meetings/workshops or business trips is not considered international work experience. Only full-time work in a foreign location (other than your home country) on legitimate documents which include offer letter/appointment letter and based on salary/consideration is considered international work experience.

Do part-time jobs count towards the minimum work experience requirements?

In most cases no; for example, if you are applying for 2021-22 batch, you are expected to have at least five years of full-time work experience after completing graduation by March 2021. However, please tell us if there are extenuating circumstances, which mean that you have only been able to work part-time or on temporary contracts.

Do undergraduate internships count towards the minimum work-experience requirement?

No; all work experience must be after completing graduation.

Do I need management experience to qualify for the programme?

Management experience or related qualifications and goals will be important for successful candidates in gaining entry into the programme. We would expect candidates to have experience in managing both projects and people.

Do you have an upper age limit?



Admission Process
Learn more about the relevant information about the admissions process

What does the Admissions Committee look for in a candidate?

The Executive PGDM Admissions Committee looks for participants who will contribute proactively and share the insights they have gained throughout their professional and personal experience. A competitive applicant manages to demonstrate a clear desire for intellectual growth, both in classroom and group projects.

The committee considers the applicant's professional background, including progression in their career, academic preparedness, accomplishments and strong interpersonal skills.

What are the various components of the Executive PGDM Admissions Process?

The Executive PGDM admission process involves the following:

Submission of online application before deadline

XLRI faculty members hold interviews at Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Bengaluru and Mumbai. We also conduct video conferences for international candidates.

Candidates have to pay Rs. 50,000/- as commitment fee within dates specified during admission offer. Balance payment of fee can be paid in lump-sum or instalments.

Will feedback on my application or interview be provided on request?

Sorry, for logistical reasons, it is not possible for XLRI to provide individual feedback to the candidates.

Is the admission process different for sponsored candidates?

No. All candidates, whether sponsored or not, will go through the same Executive PGDM admission process.

Is there any scholarship available?

Yes, the PGDM (GM) programme has instituted five interest waiver scholarships on merit basis which will work as interest waived on bank loan taken by a student (for the programme fee) for a year. The maximum amount for a scholarship can go up to 3 lakh.

Once admitted, is deferment possible? If yes, what are the deferment rules and procedure?

We do have a stated deferment policy. However, deferment may be given on a case-to-case basis. The procedure followed in the past for a few deferment cases has been as follows:

a. A candidate who wishes to avail the deferment has to present his/her application to the Executive PGDM programme office on or before 15th March of the year for which the candidate is offered admission. The candidate should produce appropriate documents to support her/his application.

b. The candidate has to justify his/her request for a deferment. (This will be placed before the Admissions Committee and they may approve or reject on a case-to-case basis)

c. If the above is approved, the candidate pays the first and second commitment fee.

d. The total amount paid is adjustable against the fee of the next year. The applicable fee would be the fee of the new batch.

e. Deferment is only for one year, and if the candidate fails to join the next year, first commitment fee paid would be forfeited.

f. Once the application season for the next batch commences, confirmation from deferred candidates is once again taken in the last week before the close of the application season for the new batch.

g. Once a deferral admission is granted, the deferred candidate will not be able to come back to the previous batch from which he/she has deferred to the next batch.

h. A programme withdrawal request cannot be made by the candidate in the same year after the deferment request is approved. The programme withdrawal requests for deferred cases may be considered in the next year.

i. All rules and regulations, as amended from time to time, related to the admissions for the new batch, will be applicable.

Can you share the profile of the earlier batches of Executive PGDM?

We have completed 14 batches so far successfully. Profiles vary from batch to batch. The average profile information of the current batch is available here.


Get more information on standardised test scores

What is the cut-off score for the XAT/GMAT/GRE?

While we do not have a minimum score required for admission, we advise candidates to aim for a score at or above the 70th-75th percentile for both the quantitative and verbal sections of the XAT/GMAT/GRE. Please keep in mind, however, that standardised tests are just one of several admission criterias. A high score does not guarantee admission, and a below-average score does not eliminate a candidate.

Is it mandatory to take the XAT/GMAT/GRE before applying for Executive PGDM?

Yes, all applicants must take a XAT/GMAT/GRE test as it provides us with a standardised way of evaluating candidates.

Can I apply with a Test Centre/Unofficial GMAT/GRE Score Report?

Yes, you can. The application can be submitted along with the test centre/unofficial score report. The official score report from Pearson VUE (GMAT)/ETS (GRE) should reach the Executive PGDM Admissions Team within three weeks of application submission.

What is the validity period for a GMAT/GRE score?

GMAT/GRE scores are valid for five years.

If I submit more than one GMAT/GRE score, which score will be considered?

The highest score amongst the tests taken during the valid period will be considered.

Can the XAT/GMAT/GRE requirement be waived under exceptional circumstances?



Placement and Career Development
Information on Executive PGDM placements and related information

Does the Institute provide Placement/Career Services?

We have a Placement Office to assist the Student Placement Committee in providing administrative and logistical support in arranging for campus placements. We also have full- time staffs that help to coordinate this activity. Please note that placements are not guaranteed, and it is not an entitlement of the student. However, XLRI's approach is to build up a career service network with the help of a robust alumni network over time rather than to provide only a placement at the end of the course.

Where can I find the previous placement reports?

The placement data can be checked on our website. The entire placement data is audited as per the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS). It includes data on mean/median starting salary, batch percentage, job details and all other necessary details. For detailed information, please check the placement data.

My profile is different from the average profile of past Executive PGDM students. Will any company show interest in hiring me after finishing the programme?

The information mentioned is 'average profile.' Most candidates have been placed so far. However, this is an activity that is significantly driven by students themselves, and lateral placements depend on vacancies in the senior positions in the target companies during the Executive PGDM placement season from October to November. Our strong alumni network also helps the student to find a better job.


Executive PGDM Fees and Financial Aid
Locate information about tuition, programme fees, scholarship opportunities and financial aid

What is the fee of Executive PGDM programme at XLRI?

The Programme Fee for Executive PGDM 2020-21 will be INR 28,00,000 (INR Twenty Eight Lacs).

Executive PGDM fee is usually a packaged/bundled fee which includes, for every student-tuition fees, books and course materials, accommodation, food charges (for those who are staying in SSH) and other service facilities such as library, computing, network changes etc. Utilities such as electricity, telephone, laundry, sports/gym subscriptions are additional and to be paid as per usage.

Are there other costs to be taken into consideration? If yes, what are they?

Students have to pay caution money of Indian Rs. 35,000/- for single accommodation and Rs. 70,000/- for MSH to be paid before you arrive at the campus. This non-interest bearing caution money will be returned within three months after the completion of the programme, adjusting for pending recoveries on account of utilities and other services or infrastructure (if any).

Are there any job opportunities on campus that can be pursued while the programme is on, to lower the overall cost impact?

No. However, spouses of Executive PGDM participants are encouraged to apply and work in the campus on temporary assignments if available.

Are there any scholarship options available for the students?

Yes, Executive PGDM students can now apply for scholarships. The programme has instituted five Interest Waiver Scholarship on merit basis which will work as interest waiver on bank loan taken by students (for the program fee) for a year. The maximum amount for the scholarship can go up to 3 Lakhs.

What are the options of availing a loan?

Normally many nationalised and private banks are interested in offering students' loans. Up to Rs. 30 lakh loan is available without collateral for XLRI's Executive PGDM candidates.

What is the amount of loan that a student is eligible for, and what are the documents required?

State Bank of India gives a collateral-free loan of up to Rs. 30 lakhs and Central Bank gives up to Rs. 25 lakhs. For exact details, please contact the bank/s directly since the interest rates change from time to time.


Student Life
Learn more about campus life, hostel accommodation and other facilities

Is staying on the institute campus mandatory?

Yes, this is a residential programme. Accommodation will be available for both single and married students. Much course work and group assignments are involved in the programme due to which it is imperative that the students live on the campus and study and work together. The programme is quite rigorous and has more than 700 contact hours and requires a preparation time of more than 1500 hours.

What will my room look like?

A. Single Housing Accommodation (One room + bath): -

Each room has furniture including single bed with mattress, pillow, bedsheet, blanket (to be subsequently maintained by the student), teapot, computer chair, soft board, wooden cabinet, TV table, single sofa and wardrobe, air conditioner with remote, a mini-refrigerator, telephone point with one instrument, Internet connection point, Drinking water through RO unit in floor pantry, shared washing machine facility is also available, wall clock and dressing mirror.

Please do not bring any of your own stuff such as refrigerators, TV, cooking stoves, cabinets, etc. to the campus.

B. Married Student Housing (Two rooms + kitchen + bath + balcony): -

Both the rooms are fully furnished with one double bed, one single bed, dining table with four chairs, side tables, wardrobe, two kitchen storage cabinets in the modular kitchen, two single sofas, bookshelf, shoe rack, dressing mirror, computer unit drawer, table & chair, soft board, chick blinds, bed sheet sets for a double and single bed, three pillows, six pillow covers and one blanket each for a double and single bed (to be subsequently maintained & laundry charges to be borne by the students), internet connection point, window air conditioner in the bedroom with remote, refrigerator 180 Litre, two-burner gas stove and a piped gas connection.

Please do not bring any of your own stuff such as refrigerators, TV, cooking stoves, cabinets, etc. to the campus.

Can I change my accommodation later during the year, if need be?

Yes. You are allowed only one change during the year if there is a vacancy. Also, various other conditions apply.

What are the other facilities available to the students on the campus?

There are many other facilities for the XLRI community, especially students on campus, such as:

World-class, state of the art amphitheatre styled air-conditioned classrooms which have Wi-Fi, and fitted with computers, overhead projectors and screens and wire-less public address system.

Syndicate rooms for each study group (The PGDM (GM) batch is divided into 17 small study groups with 6-10 students in a group–called syndicate groups) for group studies/projects/assignments. Each room will have a locker, printer and table and chairs and Wi-Fi/LAN connectivity.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served in the dining hall.

Facilities for indoor/outdoor games, recreation activities and gymnasium are available on a subscription basis for self and family.

There is a Student Activity Block (SAB) in the new campus which has facilities such as lounge, gymnasium, snacks counter, indoor games (caroms, chess) facilities, dance pit, etc.

Many PGDM (GM) and most FPM students live in Married Student Housing (MSH) in the campus. The spouses of these students have their own clubs, and there are many children on campus. There are dedicated children playing areas as well as a crèche on the campus. There are many good schools nearby for families wanting to admit their children in Jamshedpur while they stay here.

There is a dispensary on the campus with resident doctors, including a Gynaecologist. There is a branch of the State Bank of India with ATM facility as well as an AXIS Bank ATM

There are various food cafes on campus.

Parking facilities. You may bring your vehicles to the campus if you love travelling across the city or region during breaks.

How about Network Connectivity?

XLRI has one of the best computer and internet networks in the country. High-speed servers, running on various platforms to suit all kinds of requirements, support the entire network. Students are expected to bring their laptops. Wi-Fi has also been introduced at various places on the campus.

Can I get additional internet connectivity for my spouse or other family members staying with me in the MSH?

The institute will not be able to arrange for one without an XLRI email id. However, you can arrange to have your private set-up for which various conditions apply.

How about Library Services?

With more than 1,70,000 books, over 41,500 bound volumes of periodicals, over 1,000 subscribed journals, more than 1,800 educational CDs and over 2,000 working papers and dissertations; and more than 70 electronic databases, the Sir Jehangir Gandy Library is an invaluable resource.

What are the preparations I need to put in before coming to the campus? What are all the documents that I need to bring? Is there anything else I need to get?

Please note the following suggestions carefully before you embark for XLRI:

Please bring all original documents related to your education and work experience with you - such as your mark sheets/transcripts, degree certificates, offer letters, work experience certificates, relieving/sabbatical letters, etc.

Please bring your other personal documents such as address proofs, date of birth proof, income proofs (Income Tax returns, income certificates, bank pass-books, etc.) which you may need at the time of visa applications for your international immersion programme when you will be going to any international university.

Please also bring your passport (along with old tickets if any). Please ensure that your passport is valid up to April of the next year. (E.g. for Executive PGDM 2020-21 batch, your passport should be valid up to April 2021. For international candidates, especially on ITEC Scholarship validity up to September 2021 would be ideal. Please arrange to get your passport renewed or a fresh one issued before you come to the campus.

Please arrange for Medical Health Insurance for self and accompanying family members for at least Rs. 1,50,000/- for at least one year stay in the campus. Please note that sometimes, candidates are covered under the group insurance provided by employers to self or the spouse. This is acceptable as long as the amount of insurance and coverage period are as per our requirement.

Medical Fitness Certificate. (As per the Proforma / Format provided) Please remember to bring medicines etc. which you may be currently using if any.

Please bring your own laptop/notebook computers.

Finally, please do bring all necessary personal things that you would need to stay comfortably as per your own standard of living (but not furniture and accessories as explained in the previous question)


Information on XLRI Alumni Network

What about XLRI's Alumni Network?

XLRI has a very strong and large alumni network consisting of who's who from Industry, Government, as well as Academia, spread all over the world which is one of the most powerful assets built over the years. The alumni family is an essential component for realising the Institute's goals – Creation, Application and Dissemination of Management Knowledge. Our alumni are the crucial change agents who transform leadership across the globe. A vast number of XLRI alumni have distinguished themselves in almost every aspect of management across the world. As per international consultancy company EMA Partners' 2009 March report, more than 66% of the Professional CEOs in India are XLRI alumni.

Can I contact current students and alumni to discuss the Executive PGDM programme with them?

Yes, you can join our social network to connect with our alumni or current students and discuss the programme with them. https://www.xlri.ac.in/contact-us/gmp-faq.php


Locate Executive PGDM Office at XLRI

If you have a question that isn't answered here or if you need further clarification, please feel free to drop us an email at admis@xlri.ac.in or call us on the below mentioned phone number.

PGDM Office
Dean's Office
C H Area (E)
Jamshedpur - 831 035, India
Phone: +91-657-665 3224 / 3031
Email: dean@xlri.ac.in
Website: www.xlri.ac.in/academic-programmes.php