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Professional Mentorship Programme

XLRI ExPGDM 2021-22 Professional Mentorship Program (PMP)

Growing future business leaders through mentorship

Mentorship is one of the key pillars of the ExPGDM program, where the students are connected to Mentors with strong personal, academic, and professional track records who positively impact and guide their professional and personal journeys during and beyond the program.


To enable students to establish a mentoring relationship, which allows them to build and promote meaningful connections with leaders who are experienced in various aspects of work and life.


The program's mission is to enhance business education by offering hands-on learning, professional skills development, leadership opportunities, and a sense of connection and cooperation among current students, XLRI alumni, and corporate partners. PMP mentors prepare and inspire our ExPGDM students to become the next generation of strong business leaders.

Opportunities: The Mentorship Programme offers the space:

For the Mentor

  • To help individuals realise their full potential and grow into future leaders
  • To connect and engage with individuals who have fresh new perspectives
  • To play an integral part in shaping their professional life

For the Mentee

  • To connect with corporate leaders having both expertise and experiences
  • To get personalized advice and guidance as they make important decisions (Virtual projects, Guidance to choose electives in areas of passion and proficiency)
  • To get a wider perspective on their career journey ahead (career opportunities and career mobility)

Who are our mentors?

Most of our mentors have between 8-25+ years of professional experience and represent all functional areas of business, as well as a diverse group of industries.  They range from executives at Fortune 500 companies, Start-ups founders to small business entrepreneurs and directors of non-profits.  PMP mentors serve as role models, coaches, and mentors / advisors to our ExPGDM students, providing professional insight, experience, and exposure to their impressive professional networks.

Who are our students?

ExPGDM Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences (60+ months of experience), but they all share a desire to engage with business leaders and change makers they aspire to become.

Time Commitment: The suggested duration for PMP Mentoring is a minimum of 15 months from the start of Mentor/Mentee relationship based on a schedule that works best for both Mentor and Mentee. Minimum requirement of 4-8 hours per month for Mentor/Mentee discussions

If you are interested to mentor 15 months Full-Time ExPGDM ((formerly known as PGDM (GM)) students with minimum experience of 5 years, please register here.

Professional Mentorship Programme FAQs:

When does this program start during the ExPGDM academic calendar?

From July 2021, for the current ExPGDM batch.

What is the duration of this programme?

The mentor and mentee meet at least 4-8 hours every month for minimum 10 months, starting from July 2021.

How is the mentoring process conducted?

It is conducted as interactions over virtual platforms like Zoom or WebEx. If physical interactions are possible and safe, they would be encouraged.

How do the students choose their mentors?

Based on the domain expertise of the mentor and the students' own interest. The mentees have been given the links to mentors' profiles to get a complete idea of all the mentors. Even after the initial few sessions, the mentor and mentee can decide not to continue provided they give sufficient and reasonable explanations.

Who can participate in this mentorship programme?

Any industry professional with 8+ years of experience across or in any business function can participate in this programme.

How do I decide whether the assigned mentee is suitable for me to mentor? And is it ok to reject a mentee as a mentor?

LinkedIn profiles of the mentees will be given to the mentors, and some details will be available on our as well website to decide on the mentee. With good reason, a mentor can reject a mentee after having an initial conversation.

Is it a paid or voluntary engagement program?

It is a voluntary engagement program to improve the engagement of our students and help them get more clarity on their career trajectory.

What can the mentors expect from this program?

The mentors can expect a podium to display, understand, or develop their leadership, coaching, and communication abilities. In addition, as XLRI selects a competent cohort, it will be an opportunity for the mentors to push their knowledge and domain understanding boundaries through these interactions.

What is expected out of the mentors?

As a mentor, you are expected to advise, guide, and develop the mentees for future roles of responsibility in the industry. You are expected to adhere to the set time commitments and respond to the mentee's guidance requirements in their quest to get their desired employment.

Are professionals from only specific industries allowed to participate?

No, all are welcome.

Does the mentor have to be an XLRI alumnus or a business degree holder?

No, all are welcome.

How do I nominate myself for the mentoring program?

You can click here to fill the form to express your interest.

Once I have been assigned a mentee, what will happen next?

There will be a kick-off session conducted to share additional details and initiate the interactions.

Can the mentoring be done in groups?

No, this process is designed for one-on-one interaction. Guest lectures or talks are available for group mentoring/interaction.

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