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Virtual Internship

Virtual Internship is a platform where our ExPGDM candidates work with corporate teams across the globe to dig deep into impactful projects that are changing the way of business solutions to complex problems and enjoy opportunities to advance their career in a diverse and inclusive environment. Virtual internship program is designed for our candidates to do great work with the opportunity to learn and grow, experience the corporate culture which is full of diverse community connections, executive engagement and memorable events.

Virtual Internships are unique in its way to obtain corporate experience, enhance practical skills, build professional networks and gain insight to help direct career trajectory. It benefits our ExPGDM candidates to explore a different industry, or exposure to a new company, the virtual internship will allow our students to test the waters before graduating.

  • Mission
    and Objectives
  • What's in it
    for Industry Partners
  • How it helps
    ExPGDM candidates
  • Who are our
    ExPGDM Students
  • To build a solid resume illustrating relevant work experience.
  • An opportunity to see if the identified career path is the right one and helps to make a huge difference in the decision-making process.
  • To provide a practical learning opportunity in a professional environment where classroom learning can be applied, assessed, and put in proper perspective.
  • To enable corporate to identify and train prospective employees without having to make a formal commitment.
  • To provide data and to develop networks that students can use to evaluate their preparation for full-time work, strategize their careers, and find career path upon graduation.
  • Industry Partners can evaluate the up-and-coming talent.
  • Industry Partners can expose our ExPGDM professionals to their brand.
  • Industry Partners can benefit from the candidate's fresh perspectives.
  • Industry Partners can gain immediate rewards without an employment commitment.
  • Candidates can apply their classroom learnings in the professional environment.
  • Candidates can gain exposure in every aspect in their virtual internship opportunity.
  • Candidates can establish professional network and build contacts.

Our ExPGDM students are imbibed with a zeal of values such as entrepreneurial, multitasking, results-oriented, thriving on getting things done and having a real impact on the business. They come with an excellent project management and organizational skills added with professional communicative etiquettes. They enjoy pushing themselves, setting high goals and being creative about how to achieve them. They are empathetic, great team players, and have high emotional intelligence.

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  • Is it a full-time internship?

    No, it is part-time. To be done simultaneously with the course work.

    Is it compulsory?

    No, it is not compulsory.

    What is the duration of the internship?

    6-8 weeks generally. It can be changed as per the company's requirement.

    Is Internship an individual or a group activity?

    Varies from case to case depending on the project requirements.

    What is the number of hours expected per day during the internship?

    2-3 hours a day.

  • Do the interns receive a stipend?

    In the academic year 2020-21, it was kept to the discretion of the company. The Corporate Projects Committee of subsequent batches will take a concurrent decision for their respective batches.

    Will students not in the placement pool also be given opportunities?

    Yes, this is a separate process.

    What is the general process followed by the companies for such internship opportunities?

    Changes from company to company, but usually, companies do a CV shortlisting and conduct a personal interview.

  • How does the committee help in the process of getting the live project?

    We contact companies and start-ups to get opportunities from different domains. The committee also manages all the onboarding processes and requirements.

    In which term can we expect the processes to happen?

    The processes will occur after the end of the second term.

    Will we receive any credit/proof that we worked on this project?

    Yes, the companies are expected to furnish an Internship certificate on successful completion of the internship.

  • Can the student also have a faculty as supervisor along with industry guide?

    Yes. Our faculty members can also act as a supervisor if required.

    Will there be a rulebook signed separately for the internship process?

    Yes, the CPC committee will circulate a separate rulebook created in consensus with the batch.

    Will the student's part of the process be given a choice to opt for an internship offer?

    Yes, but on acceptance of the offer, the candidate is expected to complete the internship. The CPC rulebook will have all the additional relevant details.

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