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  • Amit Agrawal
    Class of 2001
    Current Position: Chief Sales (South) - Automotive, Tata Steel Limited
    Prerequisite prior work experience helped at GMP @ XLRI to visualize an organization in a consolidated and multi- dimensional way. The wide range of academics facilitated an orbital shift in terms of understanding of the impact I could bring to an organization. Beyond business management courses, GMP developed other cognitive skills like managing conflicts and working together against stiff timelines. Further to world class faculty and curriculum, the diverse batchmates brought richness of life experiences which made the learning curve steeper.
  • Dr. Arup Roy Chowdhury
    Class of 2001
    Current Position: Assistant Professor - HR, School of HRM, XIMB, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar
    GMP has channelized my "Thought Leadership", "Dare to Succeed" traits and "I can" mindset. It also facilitated in addressing the 'being level' (identity, aspirations for career & success etc.) and the Cognitive Capabilities (Value Creation, Collaborative Behaviour, Analytical skills, Trusteeship & Learning Orientation to dive deeper into any subject) needed by a working professional to fulfil their potential. We learnt to (a) widen our aspiration from "self" to "self, organization & society", (b) develop our ability to adapt & thrive in a changing world. Post GMP was rewarding at the Professional front. I've authored & facilitated roll out of Path breaking & progressive HR Policies & Practices like "5 Day Work Week; Work from Home; Satellite Office Operation; Dual Career Path for Researchers; Retainership Policy etc in Tata Steel. Moreover, I'm able to relish my passion to embark on the odyssey of academic life post completion of my PhD from XLRI.
  • Satyaki Mookerjee
    Class of 2001
    Current Position: Managing Director, Accenture
    The GMP program was very special to me. Few things stood out: (a) Very high quality of professors who had tons of experience in teaching, research and industry consulting (b) A very well-designed course and well-structured to be fit in a year with all round effectiveness (c) The learning methodology and the quality of discussion and debate that took place in the class spurred that learning (d) The rigor that went in preparing for case studies, presentations and Q&A significantly boosted the quality of learning. As I sit down to write this testimonial, I can only thank my respected professors and this great institution for helping me to be a lot more effective at work - be it formulating a key strategy or executing it effectively. As I grew in my career from an Engineer at Tata Hitachi to a Managing Director with Accenture today, I can only humbly acknowledge and appreciate the deep impact this GM program had on my career. In my view, it is one of the best One Year programs that are available across the several B schools in our country today.
  • Subhash Sakorikar
    Class of 2001
    Current Position: Director - Growth & Transformation, Automotive & Industrial Mfg at Tata Consultancy Services
    It's been about two decades attending this program at XLRI. While the world evolves, the problems and issues at hand change and so do the methods and means to solve them. What this course prepared me with is the overall understanding of issues, the interlinkages of various disciplines within organization, ways of dissecting, analyzing the issues, and above all openness to embrace various perspectives. The experience of working with team from diverse backgrounds during assignments, lessons based on real time case studies contribute to building the foundation one can rely on for facing real life challenges in leadership roles. Even today, I continue to apply those learnings in advising my clients and to overcome challenges we face in creating and launching new solutions and services.
  • Abhijit A Nanoti
    Class of 2003
    Senior GM - Supply Chain, Procurement and Industrial Byproducts Management, Tata Steel Long Products Ltd.
    My one-year stint at XLRI was one of the best things that happened to me in my professional life. After studying engineering and spending time in technical roles in the manufacturing set up, the foundation was built and then GMP at XLRI helped me to envision the world with a completely different lens. I think the curriculum developed for GMP was quite close to the expectations of the corporate world. As a professional, implementation of those concepts learnt throughout various sessions in the XLRI classroom into the real world was very enriching and satisfying. This helped me to grow as both a human being and professional. Over these years, I could smoothly get into various technical, commercial and business roles with confidence and deliver. A lot of credit goes to XLRI. Besides the professional gains, reliving college life was an awesome experience. I could make quite a few close friends and am still in touch with them. Being in Jamshedpur at Tata Steel, I recommend my colleagues to get that grinding experience of GMP to get ready for the challenges of the corporate world. Outstanding and most cherished memories. Thanks XLRI.
  • P Anand
    Class of 2003
    Current Position: Chief Services & Solutions Business, Tata Steel Ltd
    As I go down the memory lane, I reminiscence on those wonderful days at XLRI while doing my Executive Management programme in the early 2000s. Before I joined XL, I had already put in a few years of work experience which added to my expectations from the curriculum with a touch of cynicism on the personal value-add. I have no hesitation in saying that the 1 year spent in XLRI has most profoundly shaped my perspective of managerial competencies and curated the essentials of business knowledge, which is the bedrock of the various workplace decisions we take all time. I will always be grateful to my alma-mater for giving me the opportunity and the wherewithal to AIM higher with confidence that can only be instilled through knowledge and pride. My own personal standing in the field of my expertise is but a silent witness to the many ambitions that XL enabled to flourish.
  • Parthasarathi Chakrabarti
    Class of 2003
    Current Position: Senior Advisor, Gloplax Solutions
    There is a lot to prize and to cherish in the General Management Program of XLRI. However if I have to pick one, that would be creating in me an insatiable appetite for learning while at the same time sharpening my learning ability. The professors with their deep knowledge and insights that often transcend to wisdom, the carefully curated pedagogy and the easy familiarity of the courseware with the real world left me just awestruck. It ignited a sense of curiosity and academic exploration that stays with me till this day. Notwithstanding that I cleared my CA several years before the course, the world of Finance opened up listening to the lectures and working on the rich collection of case studies.
  • Rajiv Upadhyay
    Class of 2003
    Current Position: Managing Director, CHRYSO India
    XLRI played a vital role in the transformation of my professional career. I had a strong technical foundation from IISc, Bangalore, with work experience of 5 years when I joined XLRI. I was able to relate to the concepts taught and implemented them in my professional journey. XLRI widened my perspective which helped me in achieving career growth. Also, XLRI campus life helped me connect with great human beings, our GMP batch is still connected very well and we still talk about the great fun that we had. They are truly wonderful memories.
  • V. V. S. Prasad
    Class of 2004
    Current Position: Managing Director, Deekay Group, Lagos, Nigeria
    I started my career as a finance professional and worked for almost 6 years before joining XLRI. Being a finance person I was a bit conservative and a risk neutral guy. However joining XLRI has changed my perspective from a financial acumen to a business acumen. The one year I spent in XL has given me huge confidence and helped in my personality development. The learning from XLRI coupled with finance expertise taught me to take some strategic decisions in my professional growth. XLRI has been instrumental in making me what I am today. I would highly recommend GMP as a course for working executives to enhance their business management skill.
  • Vikas Bansal
    Class of 2005
    Current Position: Managing Director, Fashion TV Salon Academy
    Hailing from the pioneer batch of 2005 of GM batch, it was a difficult decision to trade off conventional offers I got from others at par B-Schools. Definitely, it was a full turnaround of my career. The kind of exposure to business ethics, alum network, XL joy of giving is far beyond one's expectations. GM course being the best possible tailored for working executives to escalate to CXO levels, has helped us all. The work life balance leading to a psychosomatic wellbeing has been the master takeaway with the Jesuits vision. XL is not just about an MBA, it's rather a lifetime achievement award, which you earn in advance. XL meri Jaan!!!
  • D N V Kumara Guru
    Class of 2005
    Current Position: Director - External Relations, Indian School of Business
    I came to XLRI in 2004 to pursue GMP after working in the education sector for 7 years. I hoped to learn and grow. The one year at XL has done that and more. It has enriched me in more ways than I can describe - not merely through classroom learning but in a more holistic manner. We had great faculty, an excellent peer group and a campus that was very eclectic. In algebra, the letter X is a variable whose value is unknown. Likewise, the X in XLRI. It is up to us to make the most of our time there and beyond.
  • Sumant Parimal
    Class of 2005
    Current Position: Founding Partner and Chief Analyst, '5Jewels Research' at Innogress
    Attending XLRI-GMP (ExPGDM) was a turning point of my career, it gave me a strong foundation for positioning myself as an industry leader. Soon after my GMP course completion, I was identified and recruited by a reputed Global Analyst Firm for heading its Indian Advisory practice, which gave me a unique opportunity to directly work with CXOs of various organizations globally and also gave me an opportunity to understand top management perspectives. Deliberations by distinguished faculties of XLRI during my GMP classes shaped me as a strategic thinker with sharp business acumens and risk-taking abilities, and helped me in turning a fearless Entrepreneur and a Global Thought leader with recognition coming from 'Forbes' & other media. I am honoured to be recognized by other Global Thought Leaders, who happen to be Alumni of Globally Top Ranked Business Schools like Wharton, Harvard, Stanford for my out of box industry insights and predictions, which shapes our technologies and businesses. This is a testimonial of fact that XLRI students' critical and strategic thinking are par with students of World's top most B-Schools. So XLRI GMP in true sense churns out Global Leaders who are key for driving future innovations, disruptions and growth in Global Markets, Businesses and Technology.
  • Girish Hukkeri
    Class of 2006
    Current Position: Founder, embryoFund and
    VP Sales at SST India Pvt. Ltd.

    The impeccable intellectual pedigree of many of the institute's professors is unmatched even by the best of the best Business Leadership Schools of the world. The profound & powerful foundation for the intellectual quest of wisdom they lay in the fertile, prepared & competent minds of the learners helps them to seek solutions to the myriad & complicated challenges faced in the business world they are thrown in! I've always found great pleasure in seeking and coming out with the most optimal solutions to the most vexing problems I've ever faced! That's how XLRI, Jamshedpur prepares us! The Alumni are probably the most vibrant! I've met the finest professionals with the highest integrity in the alumni meets. Above all else, ... they are the best of human beings!
  • Rahul Deo Gupta
    Class of 2006
    Current Position: Director - Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO), Binladin International Holding Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    I had completed eleven years in the corporate world. I was looking forward to enhancing my managerial capabilities when I got admitted to the GMP course of XLRI in 2005 after a rigorous selection process. The course was a perfect blend of case studies and classroom lectures and discussions. The faculty were more like guides than mere lecturers. They provided individual attention to each participant of the program. GMP refined me to become a complete management professional catapulting me into a more confident person equipping me to be what I am today.
  • Amitabh Bhattacharjee
    Class of 2007
    Current Position: Head Strategic Procurement, Tata Steel Group Strategic Procurement
    A great institute, outstanding faculty, comprehensive course structure and academic rigor are something that makes XLRI GMP stand out among other MBA programs. Students from different industries enriches the peer learning. This program has helped me understand business holistically. Since then I have moved into roles in different functions with ease. I have taken up leadership roles in strategy, projects, marketing, business transformation, digital transformation & even human resources. Now I am in strategic procurement. The foundation that XLRI GMP provides helps you take up challenging and ambitious roles with confidence and deliver accordingly.

    Wishing all the best to the current GMP batch. Have a great learning experience.
  • Amar B. Singh
    Class of 2007
    Current Position: Global Head, BFSI Marketing & Head, Growth Office - Americas, Tech Mahindra
    Early in one's career comes a subtle realization of things one is missing w.r.t finesse and knowledge beyond the professional qualifications. My turning point was fuelled by a similar realisation of my limitations beyond my engineering studies. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to be a part of the great heritage of XLRI. The general management program did more than I possibly had imagined by getting me my dream role into M&A and corporate advisory during the placement process. But more importantly, I felt 'whole' as a professional seeing things as they really were, able to cut the noise out, as I was so well trained to do. If I were to go back in time and decide again as to my decision to pursue my business education and the place I would want to do it, my decisions wouldn't change! Thanks to XL, my dear professors, and the whole ecosystem, I will always be a proud XLer!
  • Abhishek Ranjan
    Class of 2008
    Current Position: VP - System Operation, Power Markets and Head Renewable, Smart & DSM projects, BSES Delhi
    The General Management Program, also known as PGDM (GM), is a flagship program of XLRI School of Business and one of the finest programs in the country. I graduated in 2008 and I must acknowledge that the program immensely benefited and guided me in my career progression in the sector of my choice, i.e., sustainability and retail electricity business. Blessed with the finest faculty and infrastructure, the program has done wonders in shaping leaders of the future. The program instills confidence and provides rigor required for the forever changing business landscape both nationally and globally. The international immersion segments together with curated curriculum and electives provide choices to students, who anyway, are selected through globally accepted benchmarks including GMAT. My best wishes for the program and the participants.
  • Chandrashekhar B
    Class of 2008
    Industry Principal, Infosys Ltd, Vancouver, Canada
    The General Management Program (GMP) is designed and structured to have a fine blend of academic rigour and industry experience which reflects in the perspectives the participants take away from this Program. For me, the biggest takeaway from the GMP course has been to enhance my ability to handle ambiguous situations and take decisions. I have had the opportunity to work in different industries post GMP (IT sales, Private equity and Consulting) and the exposure and learnings from the course definitely helped in a big way. The teamwork and collaboration during the course has also helped me in understanding people and teams better and has immensely helped me build and nurture high performing teams with the right attitude.
  • Vijaya Krishnappa
    Class of 2008
    Current Position: Founder kosha.ai
    I joined XL in 2007 after working in manufacturing operations for five years. I expected that XL will be a nice name on my CV. Much beyond the name, the course helped me in becoming an allrounder. Right after the course, in a management consulting role from day one, I could deliver independently; Be it on doing valuation of a large brand or market assessment for an international footwear brand or formulating the market strategy for a large milk co-operative.

    Initially, I had thought that some of the courses such as accounting, communication and business ethics are monotonous. However, these courses altered my life. I cherish them even today.The business ethics course inspired me to take up the startup path and helped me discover my strengths in innovation and building teams and teamwork. All through my journey, the XL family has supported and continue to support me in many ways.

    Joining XL is one of the most important decisions of my life; it's a great decision.
  • Subroto Guin
    Class of 2009
    Current Position: Director at MIT world peace University, Pune
    GMP has been the turning point of my life...I left a well settled job in USA to pursue this course and now I know that my decision was right. My career has been on rocket and neither recession nor Covid could slow it down. The friends I made here, and the mentors I got will be a lifelong treasure.
  • Giridhar Srinivasa
    Class of 2009
    Current Position: Director, PWC
    The GM program is designed to equip experience with business acumen and management know-how to enable the transformation of budding executives to seasoned leaders. The insights gained from the pedagogy, peer groups have positioned students to take on and solve not just business problems but also tackle societal issues and work toward the great good of communities. The program has brought out dimensions of thoughts that have helped students navigate the ever-changing and evolving market situations and circumstances to build sustainable models of business.
  • Kaushik Chakraborty
    Class of 2010
    Problem Solver / Continuous Learner / Creative Thinker
    Attending XLRI GMP (ExPGDM) was a definite game changer not only from a career standpoint but also from a personal standpoint. Yes, it did help me understand the finer aspects of business but it also helped me to appreciate my life so that I had the courage to prioritise life over anything else. It gave me courage to give up on a well settled role full of growth and opportunity; and go off to a different country to start fresh so that I could spend more time with my daughter. It gave me the understanding to not only set up an ecommerce business for an established retail brand but also gave me the confidence to help and mentor others in setting up their ecommerce ventures. The rigour of the course, the ecosystem of the college and our esteemed professors/ batchmates help build a kind of ethical resilience which ensures that you are ready to succeed wherever you are and prioritise things for the greater good.
  • Anshuman Jaiswal
    Class of 2010
    Current Position: Principal, Kearney, New York
    I owe my structured thinking, ability to persevere and have broad perspectives on several business issues to XLRI. I always remind colleagues in my current profession of management consulting that if you have gone to B-school, it is to become a leader and to lead by example. XLRI and the general management programme gave me all the opportunities to flourish and grow - the academic environment, the approachable professors and most importantly, talented classmates with diverse perspectives shaped my professional career. What is most important in life is the ability to learn from others, and listen and respect the point of view, even if it diametrically opposite to yours - and XL environment prepares you for that.
  • Utpal Bhowmick
    Class of 2010
    Current Position: Director Sales - Middle East & Africa, Hughes Network Systems International
    While researching top national and global MBA programmes, I found the XLRI GMP to be the best fit. The pedagogy of the programme and world-class faculty aided my decision. The curriculum has a strong focus on developing analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Close interaction with some of the best minds in business gave coming from diverse backgrounds gave me a unique opportunity to 'unlearn' the obvious and 'learn' to question the status quo. Case studies and workshops with industry leaders have helped me develop my own perspectives beyond classroom learning. 10 years after passing out of this program, when I see my journey today, I have provided vision to several projects in diverse cultural settings and grown as a leader in my professional journey. I recommend this program as a long-term career investment to grow as an efficient and an effective professional leader.
  • Santosh Kumar Sahoo
    Class of 2010
    Current Position: Customer Success Leader - Retail and Consumer Goods, MuleSoft, New York
    The current batch of XLRI's PGDM(GM) students are an amazing bunch of future leaders. I had the opportunity to interact with them during my session on "Customer Success". I was impressed by their diverse backgrounds, interesting questions and level of maturity to take up the next level role. Having been a graduate of the program from 2009-10, I can certainly attribute a lot of my professional success to this program. Over the years, the program has only improved in terms of curriculum and the quality of students and currently stands out as the premier MBA program for experienced professionals. Would certainly recommend organizations looking to hire their future leaders to strongly consider this program.
  • Durgesh Srivastava
    Class of 2010
    Current Position: Global Delivery Manager, Infosys BPM
    My experience at XLRI Jamshedpur can be summarised in a few lines from a Novel - "Mediocre but Arrogant" written by Abhijit Bhaduri, incidentally also an Alumnus of XLRI. "No, you were not here to understand the corporate sector or the intricate theories of management. You came here to understand yourself and your strengths. To believe how easy it is for you to make a difference. That is the purpose of higher education." The time spent at XLRI was one of the best investments in my professional and personal life and I made friends for life. The people at XLRI, my classmates and faculty members surpassed my expectations in excellence and I'll always be grateful for it.
  • Dr. Kailash Jialdasani
    Class of 2010
    Current Position: Country Head Singapore, Abbott Diabetes Care
    The GMP course at XLRI has been a wonderful career enhancing detour in my life. With my experience primarily as a practicing doctor, XLRI with all its academic rigor, expert faculty and colleagues with diverse backgrounds helped me understand the intricacies of business management and made me confident enough to venture out of my comfort zone. Through every step of my career, I have benefitted from the real life business cases and the group projects that we were part of then. With the right attitude, the environment in XLRI is conducive enough to prepare one for a significant boost to his/her professional career and help build a network of lifetime relationships.
  • Manoj Jindal
    Class of 2011
    Current Position: Senior Procurement Manager - Europe and UK, Amazon
    One of the best decisions in my life was to get admission into XLRI GM program. I was always interested in learning the management side of business, and XLRI proved my decision was right. Excellent pedagogy, world-class faculty and industry-focussed curriculum make sure that students learn all the nuances of business. GM program is focussed on producing top-notch mid-senior level leaders. Rigorous admission process ensures that the cohort is of the best quality and so the learning is immense. Diverse student background enables holistic peer learning. Well spread alumni network of XLers, because of XLRI being one of the oldest B school, facilitate excellent coordination with industry.
  • Ravindra Singh
    Class of 2011
    Current Position: Director - Global Alliances, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd
    The year I spent in XLRI was career shaping in many ways. While on one side I learned a lot about business and sales/ marketing nuances, at the same time I learned about sustainable and ethical aspects of business which helped me a lot in creating a difference in the roles I played in the last few years. If I look outside the professional domain, the lifelong friends I made and the alumni network I became part of, is unmatched. I find welcoming faces of the XL fraternity wherever I go in the world.
  • Ankush Gupta
    Class of 2011
    Current Position: Principal (Partner) at ZS
    I didn't know what I wanted to do with my career both when joining (after 5 years of work ex) XLRI and when passing out, yet the PGDM program changed me the most in 1 year. Academic learning is given topmost priority. 10 years hence, I still remember many concepts on my fingertips thanks to the hard work put in by profs to get the teaching pedagogy right. The other thing that vividly struck me was the focus on inculcating values. Village trip humbles you down and a sports camp binds you with a peer group for lasting relationships. In summary, besides the learning, a great cultural experience has definitely helped me evolve and eventually find my calling at ZS (a company that upholds similar values). I am thankful to XL and hope the culture is preserved well.
  • Amit Temurnikar
    Class of 2011
    Current Position: Principal Business Consultant at ANZ Banking Group
    Having graduated as a Computer Engineer, my background going into XLRI was technology and IT architecture. After 10 years in the industry, I had this inkling to utilise my technology expertise to shape consulting solutions. The ExPGDM at XLRI served as a perfect vehicle for me to bridge that gap. The esteemed faculty at XLRI made all the management concepts very clear to me. Their unique pedagogy helped digest the 2-year regular MBA into a condensed one year and fastened my way back into the industry. The core subjects laid a foundation while the electives allowed me to choose subjects to enhance my career. The internal immersion also gave our cohort a unique perspective to international business and strategy. I was privileged to serve as a member of the CEO and Alumni committees - this not only helped me establish new industry contacts but also rejig my old network to organise CxO talks in XLRI and placements for the batch. Since my graduation, I have been charting new heights into the technology consulting space and have worked to craft digital strategy, customer experience, business architecture focusing on the banking industry. Even today when I am discussing strategy and roadmaps for bankers and customers, I always draw upon the teachings of ExPGDM and consistently refer to my notes and case studies. This helps me add value to the solutions and develop a better customer experience.
  • Abhishek Abhiranjan
    Class of 2011
    Current Position: Head of Downstream Business - Customer Service & Parts at Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA FZE,
    XLRI has been an inspiration from me the day i joined the prestigious knowledge hub. Leadership was nurtured and growth was imbibed. Being CR ( Class representative) of wide range of prolific class mates who had experience in various sector took my status to new heights. I still cant forget those classes on Financial accounting which were delivered with an ease and along with stories of Calcuta that still today i have those financial terms in visual form.

    XLRI PGDM program is one of the best not only in terms of learning / subject expertise but also carve leaders out of their cocoon, which is quite evident from all the success of my batchmates!

    Industries who wishes to bring their strategies into real world should have 1st preference to get them onboard... All the best.
  • Giri Shankar
    Class of 2011
    Current Position: Principal Consultant, Infosys
    My decision to get admitted to the GMP program at XLRI was one of the best decisions made in my life. After a 7.5-year stint in the corporate arena working in a variety of technology-oriented roles, I felt the strong urge to learn the management side of the business with my engineering foundation. The GMP program at XLRI helped me to develop a strong business viewing angle to corporate issues and is the best steppingstone for experienced professionals to move into the management world.

    The GMP program aims at developing excellent business leaders through a rigorous admission process followed by a well-developed curriculum of business skills along with soft skills on the behavioural and communications side. My experience to learn multiple concepts taught during classes with an experienced, in-house worldwide faculty, intense group discussions with peers from diverse backgrounds and subsequent implementation of the learnt concepts into the real world has been very enriching and satisfying to the extent that I can smoothly blend into multiple technology-oriented and business management roles; this is a must in today's ever-shrinking world, where boundaries between technology and business are blurring with each passing day.

    I would highly recommend the XLRI GMP course to any experienced professional on any given day, given the fact that XLRI is one of the oldest B schools with a great alumni base and excellent coordination in the industry.
  • Ankit Arora
    Class of 2011
    Current Position: Senior Business Consultant - Clearstream
    XLRI GMP helped me understand the nuances of business and how to be successful in this competitive world. What I cherish even after 10 years of graduating is the holistic learning I had during the MBA. The real professional life is certainly very different from the academic life but what I still value is the knowledge that I received during the MBA and how I have been able to apply it in professional world. Working in groups on various case studies was definitely a great takeaway from the program.
  • Ravi Kumar
    Class of 2012
    Current Position: Sr. Product Manager, Unisys
    XLRI through the ExPGDM program enabled me to learn new things. The art of learning and taking up new challenges is the biggest takeaway for me from the institute. The family-like environment, excellent campus and brilliant and bright peer group made the time at XL memorable. I am so grateful that I can call XL my alma mater.
  • Meenal Jain
    Class of 2012
    Current Position: Principal Technical Program Manager, Autodesk, San Francisco
    The power packed one-year GMP course at XLRI is the perfect stepping stone for experienced professionals into the management world. The course curriculum is a great mix of business skills along with soft skills like behavioural and communications which are required at every stage of your life and career. For me, it was a year packed with a lot of action - studying new management skills, participating in daily presentations, making new friends, enjoying Bishu Da late-night food and learning to balance the daily pressure of assignments with the right amount of fun activities. Having an engineering background, I was often impressed to learn perspective from a diverse class of Doctors, Engineers, CAs and entrepreneurs in our batch. I would highly recommend the XLRI GMP course!
  • Ipshita Ghosh
    Class of 2012
    Current Position: Principal Director, Tech Consulting - Microsoft Advisory, Accenture
    I signed up for the XLRI GMP program after 8 years of corporate life. As I look back today a decade after, there is no doubt in my mind that this was one of the best decisions of my life. The program helped build a strong foundation of core subjects with experiential learning while providing a holistic business perspective which gave me the confidence to explore new heights in my career. Another key take-away is a strong and diverse network of professors, alums and classmates. Would wholeheartedly recommend this program to aspirants looking to make a mark in the corporate world.
  • Neha Patni
    Class of 2012
    Current Position: Life Sciences Sales Leader - Continental Europe, Tata Elxsi, Frankfurt, Germany
    XLRI provided opportunities to live, study and play with people from different walks of life; challenging perspectives that shaped our childhood and laid the foundation to help us handle whatever life had to offer thereafter. Initially, I had inhibitions about staying alone for the first time without family. But at XL, it was very easy settling in with an amazing cohort.
    The late-night hangouts at Bishuda, discussing professors, assignments, exams; numerous trips to Sakchi and Bistupur; our immersion trip to US; excursions to Dalma Lake, Dassam Falls, Kolkata; are some of the best memories. It was fun learning with amazing professors like UD, Fr Jesu, Sengupta, etc. Celebrating placements every time a friend got placed or birthdays or regional dinner nights, was a way of life, which I still miss and hope to relive, as we approach 10 years of graduation.
    Many batchmates have dispersed around the world, but no matter where they are, the core friend circle from our college is still intact and without them, this journey would have been far tougher and less fun. Thank you XLRI, for making this a memorable, enriching and worthwhile experience and helping me achieve my happy space both professionally and personally.
  • Sumit Garg
    Class of 2012
    Current Position: Product Manager, Microsoft
    When I applied to GMP, in some ways I just wanted to take a break after 5 years at work but soon realized that I was in for a ride. XLRI obviously gives you the business grounding required for a corporate career, GMP mixes it up with a diverse cohort of professionals that we had, and you need to learn and unlearn, fast. I will always fondly remember the compact but excellent campus setup, my interactions with my batchmates and professors and the football match between the staff and the GMP folks which we lost (badly 😊). Always an XLer.
  • Abhinav Srivastav
    Class of 2013
    Current Position: Engineering Program Manager, Google Shopping i18n and Surface Expansion Google, California
    My experience at XLRI was nothing short of life-changing. It helped me navigate my professional journey from the high seas of the Atlantic to deep tech in Google. The General Management course structure gave the ability to put a sounding rod to all facets of business, developing a strong management situational awareness. Peer to peer learning, given some noteworthy work experience people, was a significant plus, and I took away tons of practical knowledge. Above all, the XLRI faculty is not just renowned but also very engaging and approachable both during and long after the course.
  • Vineet Taneja
    Class of 2013
    Current Position: Lead - Portfolio Strategy & Consumer Insights, Global Product Planning, Hero MotoCorp Limited
    Transformation! That's the word for GMP, that's the word for XL. The best year of my life so far! A year full of night-outs yet never being short of energy, a year of rigor & hardship yet never having a moment of dullness, a year to win the race at any cost yet building true friends for life...in the end a year that transformed me as a person and as a professional.
  • Arijit Bose
    Class of 2013
    Current Position: Founder, Reviewia
    After working in the corporate world for close to 10 years and being part of mid-management, I felt the pressing need to upgrade myself in order to forward myself towards my professional pursuits. The ExPGDM program at XLRI delivered precisely what I was looking for. While the academic sessions were informative and insightful, the real value add was the quality of peer learning. Brushing shoulders with brilliant brains from varied industries like Manufacturing, Advertising, Aviation, Automotive etc. really expanded my world view and eventually gave me the confidence to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. The startups that I have led since coming out of XLRI have been a huge breakaway from my pre - MBA profile. I am very fortunate to have gone through this program at XLRI, which provided a significant impetus to my business aspirations.
  • Bhaskar Chandra Chawda
    Class of 2013
    Current Position: Data Scientist, Exxon Mobil
    My journey at XLRI ExPGDM course was inspirational and thought-provoking. Prior to joining the course, I had worked as a software developer doing the work provided by someone without ever questioning or seeing the value of my work for customers. Also, I rarely envisioned the future needs of clients and was completely focused on the technical aspects of work. Management course broadened my thought process and enabled me to think broadly from a value perspective. The professors at XLRI are unique in their methodology wherein the case-study driven approach challenges our mind to think creative ideas to solve a problem.
  • Anu Senan
    Class of 2013
    Current Position: Business Transformation Specialist, UNICEF, New York
    As a working executive with prior experience, I found the one year executive MBA programme at XLRI to be different from a regular MBA from other B-Schools.
    In the first few weeks of the programme, students are immersed in a team-building exercise that includes living in the wilderness overnight and exposure to rural and tribal communities in the state. In a fashion uncommon to the academic world, the business management programme forces future leaders and managers to leave the comfort of their classrooms to understand the real challenges that India's poorest and weakest face.
    In the rigorous year-long programme, students are expected to unlearn their existing concepts of management and corporate leadership and learn new ways of working and thinking. It was truly a humbling experience to learn from professors who are some of the most renowned in their field.
    The classroom became a delightful training ground in understanding and accepting differing viewpoints when students with diverse industry backgrounds and varying levels of work experience came together. As they say, the mark of true education is how well you can entertain an idea without accepting or rejecting it.
    XLRI didn't just provide me with a degree for the corporate world. I walked away with the skills to navigate the challenges that life throws our way and the desire to work for the greater good of society.
  • Vivek Srinivasan
    Class of 2013
    Current Position: VP - Project Management Office, RBL Bank
    The one thing that remains constant before XLRI, on campus and after graduation is the person we are within. For me, the absolute synchronization of the ultimate goal - "For the greater good" was the drive. This once in a lifetime journey made me introspect, analyze, evaluate and made the rediscovery an enriching experience. I hope for this adventure for the current batch and wish them all the best for the road ahead.
  • Chandan Kumar
    Class of 2014
    Current Position: Director, Standard Chartered Bank, New York
    Studying at XLRI gave me exposure to a diverse set of people. It enabled me to appreciate different perspectives on the same topic, you do get that perspective over a period of time anyway, but at XL you have access to it much faster and in a compact form. In XLRI campus, you are exposed to so much knowledge and energy that you are in a constant state of 'creative tension'. Thank You, XL, for evolving me into the individual I am today.
  • T. S. Anantharaman Iyer
    Class of 2014
    Current Position: Lead - Strategy, Partnerships and Alliances, Tata Consultancy Services
    The General Management program was a truly transformative experience. The incredible professors, the rigorous curriculum and more importantly, the experience mix of the batch made it a wonderful experience. The learning both inside and outside of the classroom, the discussions/ debates about almost everything under the sun, the 23:59:59 deadlines - all have had a huge impact on my life and career. Highly recommended.
  • Ayan Banerjee
    Class of 2014
    Current Position: Supply Chain Finance Lead Analyst, GE Healthcare
    XLRI ExPGDM was quite a memorable experience for me, after five years working in a Public Sector this was a welcome change to study with batchmates coming from as varied backgrounds as Medical, Legal and entrepreneurs. XLRI has undoubtedly the best academics curriculum in India, and the god-like Professors have equipped me with immense knowledge to springboard my career into diverse functions. The memories I've created with my friends on campus would be etched in my life forever as an XLer.
  • Deepak Garg
    Class of 2014
    Current Position: Vice President, J.P. Morgan
    XLRI's executive PGDM (GM) provides a great platform for working professionals to go through the same rigour of a 2 year program, though packed in just a year. It was a great learning experience, not only from the best professors in the country but also from varied skill sets, work experiences and profiles of your batch mates. Almost all aspects of the program are managed by students such as placement, sports, and alumni among others providing a wholesome perspective. This program has really helped me to jumpstart my career, and into management shoes at a relatively early stage.
  • Srinivasan Siva Rao
    Class of 2014
    Current Position: Founder, Pixelbrand.in
    While it is tough getting an entry into XLRI-GMP for a professional who had industrial experience, it was also a blessing that my experience could offer diversity to the batch. One gets an opportunity to understand how other sectors function through the experiences of the batchmates. GMP trains professionals on various aspects of the business, especially when one wants to become an entrepreneur or a start-up. Honestly speaking, this program instilled confidence that I effortlessly switched from being an employee to an employer. Add to it, one can always fall back on the vast alumni network to connect with. Above all, GMP allows reliving college life once more.
  • Pulasta Mahapatra
    Class of 2015
    Current Position: Senior Consulting Manager,
    Deloitte SEA, Malaysia

    Landing in XLRI was a game-changer and joining GM program was even better. I wouldn't deny that initially, I struggled to keep up with the pace of the curriculum when my peers were demonstrating exemplary performance. The curriculum was rigorous more so as we were in abundance of knowledge but not so of time. Apart from the business know-how, this program helped to shape my character to be able to deal with challenging situations, thrive and stay resilient. More than the degree, the program stressed on the need to develop Industry-specific skill-set like Automation, blockchain, analytics and IoT. Vibrant campus, agile curriculum, amazing infrastructure, brilliant faculty and deep industry connect makes GM special.
  • Ambuj Kumar Tripathi
    Class of 2015
    Current Position: Vice President, Deutsche Bank
    The GM Program is quite rigorous, albeit very rewarding in the long-haul of your career. Your experience, when combined with the top-notch management training of XLRI, produces a potent combination for success. However, just being in XLRI should not be construed as a ticket to high salaries and leadership positions; you need to work very hard on your structured thinking, communication skills and all-round knowledge. XLRI provides every bit of infrastructure, support and best quality course curriculum to help you achieve this. I definitely gained a lot from the program, and it helped me advance much faster than usual in my career. I owe a lot to my interaction with peers in the batch and the race against time to finish all assignments while also maintaining a healthy campus life with participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Tirthankar Pal
    Class of 2015
    Current Position: Principal Product Manager, Ribbon Communications
    XLRI ExPGDM course is meticulously structured to cover all the essential components of business and general management, that prepares you well to solve complex business challenges. As a product leader, you have to make critical business decisions every day for your product portfolio in ambiguous situations. ExPGDM's strong case-based pedagogy and real-world problem-solving approach has equipped me to become a successful product management professional. All that I learned in this program; I apply every day as a Product Manager. I am forever indebted to XLRI for that.
  • Arghya Mukherjee
    Class of 2015
    Current Position: Associate Director - Retail and CPG, WNS
    The XLRI GM course helped me to envision how technology can help in the strategic transformation of business. I have transitioned into the role of data science and analytics leader, from a pure technology analyst role. The right mix of professor, subjects, variety of electives and peer group helped me to solidify my understanding of the domain and business.
  • Kumar Utsav
    Class of 2016
    Current Position: Director - Product Management, WhiteHat Jr
    I had joined ExPGDM after six years of industry experience, and I was really amazed by the learning opportunities in/out of the classroom environment. While MBA pedagogy was filled with case studies, assignments and peer learning, fact that really stood out for me was the constant support from faculty throughout the program. The program ensured that we have ample exposure to systematic thinking towards business problems. ExPGDM gave me a launchpad to explore newer horizons and enabled me to explore new industries with confidence. I attribute my rapid career growth post-MBA to the values and learning I had during my MBA. Not to forget, exemplary batch-mates and serene campus added priceless value to the overall experience.
  • Anju Babu
    Class of 2016
    Current Position: Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
    The GMP program has had a huge role in enriching my personal and professional outlook. This ultra-fast-paced course is thoughtfully designed to give the full experience of the 2-year program without losing any essence of an MBA course from a prestigious institute such as XLRI as one would imagine it. Be it the excellent faculty or the comprehensive curriculum or the amazing classmates, it is an experience that transforms one to be the best version of themselves - in career and beyond. GMP has helped me streamline my thoughts and align my every decision to "The Greater Good".
  • Abhishek Kumar
    Class of 2016
    Current Position: Senior Manager, Cognizant
    PGDM(GM) is an adventurous ride of 15 months, to equip one to be a contributor "For the Greater Good" wherever one is. This ride constitutes rigours of well-structured curriculum, assignments, discussions and stringent timelines. Every day and throughout the day, something new and exciting unfolds that keeps you engrossed. This ultimately helps in your transformation from an experienced professional to a ready business leader. Highly experienced and learned faculties not only guide you but enable you to be part of this ride, enjoy its every moment, learn from it and make the experience valuable. Endless discussion with colleagues with diverse backgrounds and leadership talks further enrich your knowledge. World class infrastructure, sports facilities, mess delicacies, festivals and events like Valhalla make your experience memorable. Self-belief and confidence that I have got from this ride, have helped me a lot to contribute successfully in diverse roles across different organizations.
  • Deepak Saini
    Class of 2018
    Current Position: Associate Manager, Accenture
    ExPGDM/ ExPGDM program at XLRI, a pioneer in providing experienced professionals with Full-Time MBA in India, gives the opportunity to develop all the skills required to tackle business problems ahead of future leaders. The collective experience of more than 500 years of the class helps in extensive peer learning in the form of real-life examples. A student-friendly environment and the best faculty makes it one of the most sought-after MBA programs.
  • Avik Podder
    Class of 2018
    Current Position: Project Manager and Business Analyst, Bandhan Konnagar
    My journey in the GM program was nothing short of a rollercoaster ranging from the insanely difficult strategy and quant courses to the fun filled critical communication course. The friends and professors and the pride of being part of an elite alumni made all the effort worth it. The brand XL and the instant recognition it brings, does give me an edge among my peers.
  • Renu Dubey
    Class of 2019
    Current Position: Senior Cloud Consultant, Hexaware Technologies, Chennai
    I recollect all the ambiguous thoughts which entered my mind when deciding to join XLRI GM Program and today where I stand, I feel so grateful to take this decision. This program gave a great platform to transform myself to be a future leader. I work as product Manager for Cloud strategy at Hexaware, wherein we interact daily with top leadership and our C-suites. I can't imagine anything like this possible before my MBA life. I not only got to be part of this great legacy , but also got a great exposure to interact with world class faculty, diverse professions(classmates). I fell in love with the whole ecosystem which gave me an attitude to be prepared for every situation.
  • Arijit Kar
    Class of 2019
    Current Position: Decision Analytics Consultant, ZS
    The PGDM(GM) program at XLRI is an excellent enabler for experienced individuals who wish to master the art of leadership. The program doesn't limit itself to mere upskilling rather help manifest different dimensions within to prepare oneself as a responsible future leader. Be it rural immersion or nicely crafted curriculum, deep industry connection or scope of peer learning; I thoroughly enjoyed the depth and diversity of the program and eventually was able to make the transition from project management to consulting, that too in a different domain altogether.
  • Shashi Kumar
    Class of 2019
    Current Position: Product Manager, SBI
    Every moment I spent at XL turned out to be lifetime memories. The best thing about our batch was its diversity which helped me excel in a wide range of knowledge areas. This amazing one year nurtured me to grow into an industry-ready individual. I got job offers from many reputed MNCs like UHG, Tech Mahindra, IPAC and many more in diverse roles. Now I am working as a Product Manager at SBI in its Digital Transformation and E-commerce department for an ambitious B2B marketplace project. Thanks, XL for extracting my best!!
  • Jaydev Pandia
    Class of 2019
    Current Position: Associate, TresVista Analytics
    Before I joined the MBA program, I was skeptical about the ROI, and compared it with a regular two years program. Now I am a proud Alum, and reaping the benefits of the education, and thanking the day when I took the decision to enroll for the program. The best part is having at least 5 years of experience helps us understand how businesses function, and what is the ideal way to manage that. We were taught about multiple models, and supported with numerous case studies, and understood that there is no right or wrong in business but how different concepts fit in different situations. Additionally, my batch mates were awesome and the competitive environment not only brought the best out of us but also helped us go one step more. I am really grateful to all our faculties who were super friendly. Last but not the least, I will always miss the late night noodles, paratha, chai, and Dadu's shakes. Thank you XLRI.
  • Aditi Raina
    Class of 2019
    Current Position: Product Manager, Accenture
    XLRI has provided me an opportunity to meet diverse and talented people and a chance to immerse myself in experiential learning. My journey here constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone and prepared me to deal with different adversities in my career and equipped me with skills to navigate my way out of them. I am especially grateful to all the faculty members for making a tough concept laden class feel easy and super fun.
  • Ashish Agarwal
    Class of 2019
    Current Position: Manager at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP
    A journey worth remembering is GMP course at XLRI. Each day was an opportunity to grow and become a better version of myself. The course curriculum was so designed that it will push you to go an extra mile to achieve the desired results.Learning from world class faculties, solving numerous case studies, & discussions with some of the brilliant cohorts have shaped my mindset and helped me to achieve a sense of professional and personal accomplishment.The knowledge and mindset so developed helps me in interaction with CXOs ( part of my consulting assignment) to understand their problems, their company value drivers, macro-micro economic indicators and extract value for them. I took a leap of faith in moving in this direction and I am happy that I did it.
  • Tushar Arya
    Class of 2019
    Current Position: Accenture Strategy - Senior Technology Advisor
    XLRI has played a pivotal role in my journey. Post my MTech from IIT Kanpur and B.E. from BITS Pilani, I was working in the Analytics industry and was happily placed in the corporate set-up. But there was this perpetual need to learn the fine nuances of business and what better institute than XLRI. Apart from the fact that it is the oldest B-school of the country, XLRI has carved a niche for itself in terms of imparting the best-in-class business knowledge as well as inculcating managerial capabilities and leadership qualities in everyone who has walked through the hallowed gates of the institute. It gives me immense pleasure to proclaim that XLRI is probably the only institute in the country that teaches Business ethics and the flavor of this is ingrained in all the courses that we study. As for my overall experience, I still remember vividly about playing Badminton till 1 am after a grueling case study & assignment session with my batchmates. Post this, it was those ‘Parathas’ of Bishu Da that gave us that feeling of fulfillment.

    Thank you XLRI for everything! You shall always have a special place in my heart!
  • Sreya De
    Class of 2020
    Current Position: Director - Continuing Education, Sutherland
    The one year spent in XLRI has been a massive breath of fresh air for me. I come with an educational experience of 4 years in an all-girls engineering college and a professional experience of almost six years in a Manufacturing Giant. Getting an MBA school experience was an individual milestone that I had my eyes on since 2015! XLRI made that happen! The General Management Program for me was all about round the clock academic rigour, full-fledged debates, team management, sleepless nights, a laundry list of buzz words, countless roller coaster rides of committee work, some amazing friendships, and lots & lots of learning in one thousand different areas (if not more). The teachers make sure to give you a tough time with a smile on their faces and leave you in awe of the excellence of the XL culture. XL has been XL because of the people - be it the immensely active & dedicated students whose creativity knows no bounds, or the best in class faculty who ensure to make you indebted to them for life, or the staff, who make sure your stay in the campus is worth every sweat, penny, and tear! Once you set foot in the XL premises, it's the brand that forces you to bring out your best self and make magic. And that's exactly what happened to me! I will be forever grateful for such an incredible experience in this awesome institution!
  • Mahak Kapoor
    Class of 2020
    Current Position: AVP-HR, Genpact
    I can undoubtedly say that joining the GM course at XLRI was the crème de la crème moment of my life. This exhilarating one-year journey of hard work, perseverance, stimulating conversations, lifetime memories, learning from erudite faculty and above all, the way of life that XLRI teaches, has definitely made me a better person. Cherry on the top is the culture and landscape of XL which is so mystical and draws one back to itself. I yearn to live back these memorable days of my life again!
  • Nikhil Kumar Sahu
    Class of 2020
    Current Position: Senior Consultant, L&T Infotech
    XLRI General Management is a course that helps you realize the potential you never knew you had. It provided me with the much-needed jumpstart in management that I had been seeking. The course not only teaches you the business skills but also helps you develop as a person. I have lived the best time of my life inside the XLRI campus, and for that, I shall always be thankful to the institute.