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ExPGDM Student Committee

Placement Committee (gmpplacement@xlri.ac.in):

The apex and the vital committee responsible for a smooth placement process in terms of planning, scheduling, and crucial mapping of the student's true potential towards the utmost satisfaction in a holistic manner is the Placement Committee.

The team shoulders the coordination between the institute and industry connections to ensure the most reputable organizations visit campus for recruitment opportunities. The Committee runs the entire placement activity, from engaging with HRs to hunting for opportunities to land the students' desired proposition finally. Regular maintenance of recruiters and students' databases falls on the Committee, and the update is imperative. Arrangements spanning from scheduling pre-placement talks to collecting feedback from recruiters are few of a placement committee members' regular duties. The skillset for client management, stakeholder management, risk assessment, negotiation etc. is some of the standard skillsets expected in a Placecom member. The nodal hotspot for recruitments is a body; student-driven, democratically elected, and is 'by the batch, of the batch, for the batch'.

The Committee is a closely-knit circle of 12 individuals operating tirelessly towards the greater good. There should be no deficit of motivation and dedication amongst the team, and they must relentlessly evaluate parameters for placements to raise the bar every year.

The nominations for this coveted position are many but chosen are few, and the rewards arrive in hindsight. A strategic task meant for individuals an edge above and equipped amply with skillsets to guide the entire batch to their destination, their dream job.

Each triumphant year delivers a pride beyond measure, with the Placecom ensemble basking in glory and celebrating as one cohort in the end.

Career Development Committee (gm.cdc@xlri.ac.in):

XLRI's flagship ExPGDM program brings together dynamic individuals with rich experience from different Industry domains. While each individual possesses strong skills, it is crucial to identify and adequately project the relevant skills to crack the placement interview. The Career Development Cell (CDC) is a student-driven committee with the primary objective of making every student interview-ready by guiding them with the right inputs and ensuring that they have access to the critical resources that will facilitate them to ace the interview and achieve their dream job!

The CDC 2021-22 comprises ten members elected by the students of the batch. The responsibilities of CDC include helping the cohort make a concise repository of their skills and experience by tuning the individual Master CV, setting up career conversations to help them make an informed career choice aligning with their interests, and scheduling mock interviews with Industry experts, faculties and Alumni to make them ready for the D-Day!

The role at CDC is exceptionally demanding. One must focus on academics and be available 24x7 before and during the placement season to give personal attention to each student, preparing them for every job role. Apart from being a team player, one must possess excellent communication skills and keep the batch's morale high. Being a part of CDC gives you a golden opportunity to interact closely with people from unique backgrounds and gain through each other's experiences.

At Career Development Committee, we strive to give our best every day for the collective benefit of the batch. After all, we rise by lifting others.

Leadership Committee (leadership@xlri.ac.in)

The leadership committee, a flagship committee of the ExPGDM at XLRI, has a rich legacy of inviting Industry leaders and dignitaries to deliver talks and lectures that foster experiential learning beyond the classrooms.

The committee comprises of five members who are elected from the batch by vote. They organize leadership talk series and interactive sessions to strengthen the batch's interface with the industry. Students interact and learn from eminent leaders on the latest trends, disruptions, innovations, leadership lessons, best practices, etc., for that significant uptick in their learning curve. These interactions provide a brilliant platform for the batch to leave their imprint on the leaders who grace us with their presence.

Each year, the committee works in tandem with the GMP Office to organize the talk series for the academic year. A lot of work goes behind the scenes as well, right from confirming a date on the calendar to getting the logistics set for the talk to be delivered. Staying ahead of the disruptions brought in by the Pandemic in the year 2020-2021, the committee seamlessly transitioned into hosting the leadership talk series online with equal fervour.

The Leadership committee upholds the spirit of learning, discovering new networking avenues, refining thought processes and mental models with enriching discussions with the industry's best minds. Individuals who share that enthusiasm for continuous learning, zeal in working for the batch's interests, and walking that extra mile should join the committee. Once aboard, it is a thrilling joyride that takes one through a vivid journey of networking, leadership lessons, and insightful masterclasses that stay for life.

Alumni Committee (gmalumcomm@xlri.ac.in):

XLRI Jamshedpur, ExPGDM programme boasts of an extremely rich, diverse, and large alumni community. The Alumni committee at ExPGDM elected each year ensures that this community connection stays relevant by connecting, engaging, and celebrating with its Alumni via the Alumni Conclave held annually. The event provides a unique opportunity each year for the alumni to reconnect and reminisce about their time spent during the MBA while also providing the batch an opportunity of a lifetime to interact with their alumni. It is a nostalgic way for Alumni to relive the XL vibe and is generally a free-flowing event where the Alumnae get a chance to interact with the faculty members as well as their colleagues. A fun-filled event full of smiles, laugher, bonhomie, and bonding, the Annual ExPGDM Alumni Meet has gone from strength to strength, growing bigger and better with each passing year. The event consists of a confluence of batch and Alumni sharing a myriad of memories, professor talks, special events, and networking opportunities fostering great bonding and strengthening ties between the Alumni with their alma mater. The event is fervently hosted by the Alumni Committee each year.

An Ideal Candidate for the Alumni committee should be passionate about,

  • Helping the batch to connect with alumni and alumni with their alma mater to spur meaningful interactions
  • Identify opportunities and leverage connections for the mutual benefit of both the batch and alumni and to sustain a healthy, cordial, and engaging environment to foster the growth of the institution, help fellow batchmates and share relevant content/updates with the alums.
  • Advocating for the institution before prospective students and resolving queries.

Branding Committee (brandcommgm@xlri.ac.in):

The inception of a brand, the core values and virtues that it resonates with and the story that it unfolds over time are factors that help associate with a brand. Branding is, therefore, the perfect mix of good strategy, good communication and good creativity.

Branding can be analogous to gardening, where the 6 highly skilled elected Committee members are the gardeners who nurture the brand with utmost patience, persistence, and care, having not only an aesthetic sense but also a zeal to deliver the commitments with absolute sincerity and dedication.

The Committee's primary focus right from its initiation has been bringing out the best in its annual ExPGDM brochure, which is a one-stop repository for all potential recruiters to get a fair understanding of the current cohort. Endorsing the batch profile by highlighting the diverse background, in-demand niche skillsets in correspondence to the market trends, and overall programme endorsement are the main agendas of this Committee. From designing the brochure to enhancing the website to give maximum transparency and visibility about the students, from publishing flyers with a goal of updating everyone with the latest placement events and happenings to branding students, this Committee works diligently and tirelessly to maintain the XLRI brand at the zenith.

This Committee, therefore, helps bridge the gap between the perception of the program in the eyes of the beholder and its reality by critically showcasing the program's design and the quality leaders that it has produced over time immemorial.

CR Committee (gmpcr@xlri.ac.in)

Class Representatives are considered as the face of the batch. They serve as a thread between two knots, i.e., the students and the office.

Regarded as the first line of communication in the student issues, the class representatives, alongside academics, also ensure that the students are doing well both physically and mentally and in the best of their zones to progress towards success.

Finance Committee (gmp_fincom@xlri.ac.in)

The first-ever Finance committee of XLRI ExPGDM aims to make students proficient in making their own financial and investment decisions. It works at bridging the gap between financial literacy and financial intelligence by inciting students' interest in the field of finance and ensuring thorough learning through competitions, seminars, and continuous knowledge exchange sessions. It also envisions diversified portfolio management via student investment funds with the aim of delivering excellent returns for its investors. The committee also hosts panel discussions and Union budget sessions with academicians and industry stalwarts from the fields of Finance and Economics. The committee consists of 6 elected members who are passionate about Finance and ready to work the extra mile to help the batch learn the nitty-gritty of the finance world.

CEASE Committee (cease@xlri.ac.in)

Committee for Awareness, Sensitization and Empowerment (CEASE - cease@xlri.ac.in) is the only committee that works across BM, HRM & ExPGDM. The 20 core committee members are selected from 456 eligible students, which includes 4 members from ExPGDM.

The committee acts as a medium between the students and the CASH (Committee against sexual harassment - cash.com@xlri.ac.in), which is an internal complaints (IC) committee constituted under the sexual harassment of women at the workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. CASH has the same powers as vested in a Civil Court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 in respect of summoning and enforcing any person's attendance and examining him on oath; inquiring the discovery and production of documents; and any other matter which may be prescribed. We help students come forward and help them with the process of filing a complaint with CASH and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of:

  • The identity and address of the aggrieved person, respondent & witness
  • Information relating to conciliation and inquiry proceedings.

We invite experienced POSH (prevention of sexual harassment act) consultants, workplace diversity advisors, lawyers, psychologists, and counsellors to conduct sensitization workshops to educate the students and faculty to help understand the difference between harassment and sexual harassment, legal framework, the scope of POSH applicability, how to ensure clarity in communications both online and offline to enable the campus to be inclusive, diverse and gender-neutral.

CEASE organizes several events & competitions on Men's Day, Women's Day and hosts interactive sessions & guest lectures to discuss pertinent issues surrounding human rights and diversity.

Cultural Committee (gmculturalcom@xlri.ac.in)

The Cultural Committee provides opportunities for students to appreciate and celebrate their cultural diversity on the campus by organizing various events and festivals. The committee provides a platform for the students to celebrate campus life amidst rigorous academics. The cultural committee is responsible for conducting all the cultural activities of functions like Prarambh. It brings together faculty and students by creating a home-away-from-home experience for students during their stay at XLRI, in the process, creating joyful moments that are cherished by all. The Cultural committee consists of 5 elected members. If you are passionate about socializing, organizing events, and most importantly, having fun, then Cultural Committee is the place for you.

Sports Committee (sportscommgm@xlri.ac.in)

A team of 5 sports enthusiasts strives to strike a balance between the academic pressure & fun enhancing creative as well analytical thinking capability. The strategic/tactical thinking required for sports activities assists budding managers to grow & learn the nuances that can be incorporated into the day-to-day activity. An individual willing to dedicate their time & effort to enable this amongst the batch should pursue for candidature in the Sportscomm and actively contribute to building memories of a lifetime for all his/her peers.

Infrastructure Committee (gmp.infracomm@xlri.ac.in)

The motto of the Infrastructure Committee is "; Standing Together to Serve You Better."; We believe the primary role of any member of the InfraComm is to stand by the students and help address any and every concern they might have regarding the facilitation at the campus. Previously, the InfraComm was responsible for ensuring that all the campus events are scheduled diligently and run smoothly. However, this year, as we all know, things are different. The InfraComm has developed innovative solutions to keep students enthusiastically engaged in activities while ensuring that the rules are followed, as per the SOPs floated by the college administration. It is the responsibility of the InfraComm to be the students' voice and be a bridge between the students and the college administration. The InfraCom consists of 4 elected members who work as servant leaders to ensure a hassle-free college and hostel life.

Corporate Workshop Committee (gmpcwc@xlri.ac.in)

The Corporate Workshop Team of the ExPGDM Course at XLRI Jamshedpur is a student-driven body that supports preparation for placements and improves industry readiness. CWC plays a vital role in identifying the aspirations of the students and helps them in developing and honing these skills required to fulfil their aspirations by organizing various workshops. This helps the students to sharpen their skill set, knowledge, and relevant experience in the best way for their desired job profile offered by the companies visiting the campus during final placements.Social Media Team (gmpsmt@xlri.ac.in)

Social Media Team (gmpsmt@xlri.ac.in)

Social media is a revolutionary platform which when used judiciously, can prove to be the biggest boon. ExPGDM's Social Media Team, also referred to as the "eye of the programme" aims at presenting a holistic view of all events, key highlights, and innovations undertaken here, creating awareness about the programme and its merits. This Committee is responsible for endorsing the student talent, promoting the batch as a whole, covering major events for a seamless virtual experience, and finally building a strong and constant network to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with industry prominent and influential people. To be relevant and create an identity in the virtual world is the mission of this Team.

Professional Mentorship Programme (gmppmp@xlri.ac.in)

PMP is a Professional Mentorship Programme. The vision is to help students of ExPGDM to establish a mentoring relationship that will help them enhance their skills and promote meaningful connections with leaders who have experience from various aspects of work and life. Mentors will get to connect and engage with us, thereby gaining some new and fresh ideas and perspectives. It is also a platform for mentors to showcase their leadership skills.

Corporate Competition Committee (gmpccc@xlri.ac.in)

Corporate Competition Committee, also known as CCC, is an associate committee to PlaceComm of ExPGDM batch at XLRI, Jamshedpur. The main role of CCC is to organize national-level competitions in XLRI on behalf of the ExPGDM batch. In addition, CCC strives to keep the ExPGDM batch up to date with the information about the ongoing competitions organized by elite B-Schools of the country or any corporates by sharing the latest news from time to time. It comprises of 5 dedicated committee members selected from the batch along with a SPOC from PlaceComm for the newest updates on current market trends in terms of the company's expectations.

Conclave Committee (gmpconclavecom@xlri.ac.in)

Conclave Committee working in close collaboration with the ExPGDM's Placement Committee, aims to organize theme-based conclaves in different domains of Human Resources, Consulting, E-commerce, Information Technology/Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Startups during the academic year 2021-22. Through the Conclaves, the Conclave Team ambitiously aims to increase business school–corporate collaborations and foster strong bondings. Another objective is to increase the visibility of the ExPGDM Class of 2021-22 among corporate recruiters and source potential corporate leads for campus placements through various conclaves.

Guest Speaker Team (gmpgst@xlri.ac.in)

The Guest Speaker Committee (GSC), one of the Corporate Relations Committee of the ExPGDM (General Management) at XLRI, dons the hat of bringing forth the industry experts across different industries and foster professional relationships between the speaker and the student beyond the classroom experience. The Committee comprises of five focussed members who come from diverse backgrounds. Leveraging the XLRI platform to invite impactful speakers for the interactive sessions to help strengthen the cohort's linkage with the industries. Students' active involvement in learning from the speakers on the latest business trends, strategies, market opportunities, career growth, etc., contributes to their steady rise on the ladder of practical managerial pedagogy.

Corporate Projects Committee (gmpcpc@xlri.ac.in)

The objective of the CPC is to integrate classroom learning into a practical experience by facilitating the students to work on live industry projects. We aim to foster a culture that promotes learning and helps the students gain invaluable insights into the industry coupled with practical experience. The 5-member committee is a student-driven initiative under the guidance of the Convenor - Placements Prof. A Kanagaraj. Each of the committee members will be collaborating with Corporates, startups, and other business firms to develop a long-term sustainable relationship while finding the live project opportunities for the batch to pursue. Live Projects provide immense opportunities for the candidates to learn, enhance their managerial skills and business acumen. CPC will be playing a vital role in shaping the careers of the batch's future responsible leaders while empowering them to become the visionary leaders of tomorrow. Committee members of CPC must be enthusiastic and selfless in nature. They need to prioritize the interests of the batch first above all. The position in the committee is a huge responsibility as the experience from live projects will be vital and will immensely benefit the students in the placement process. The committee needs people who are willing to be held accountable for their actions and are willing the shoulder this crucial responsibility. Being a CPC committee member will significantly help in expanding their professional network while collaborating with C-suite executives, gain invaluable insights into the real-world business challenges faced by the organizations. They will also get the opportunities to persuade the organizations to convert these project opportunities into placement offers and assist the batch in the overall placement process.