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Fire Chat Interview: Rahul Goyal

XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Rahul Goyal

10th January 2024

XLRI Jamshedpur HR Discourse with ADP India's Managing Director: Rahul Goyal

XLRI Jamshedpur, a beacon of excellence in management education, proudly hosted Mr. Rahul Goyal, Managing Director of ADP India, as the esteemed guest speaker at the prestigious CXO Series Guest Speakers Event. This event stands as a testament to XLRI's ongoing dedication to fostering robust industry-academic collaboration and providing students with valuable insights into the corporate world.

Mr. Rahul Goyal, a distinguished leader with over 12 years of experience as the Managing Director of ADP India, led the delivery of HR tech, payroll, and outsourcing solutions, fostering business growth across India and Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN 6). He is passionate about evangelizing concepts such as fair pay and pay transparency, conducting research on global workforce challenges, and understanding employee sentiments. Prior to his role at ADP, Mr. Goyal spent 14.5 years at Ma Foi Randstad, a leading HR consulting organization. During his tenure, he worked across various offices in India, the Middle East, and the UK. His extensive experience encompasses executive search, talent management, cross-border talent movement, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

The session unfolded with Mr. Goyal's enlightening discussion on the challenges and opportunities shaping the HCM industry. As the Managing Director of ADP India, his profound understanding of HR intricacies covered aspects such as payroll, consultations, automations, and the diverse career paths available within the field. He presented a three-layered pyramid model, providing clarity on the transactional, decision-making, and advisory layers of HR. Sharing his wealth of experiences and global perspectives, Mr. Goyal addressed the intricacies of leading diverse teams and meeting client expectations, particularly in the outsourcing sector. His insights on understanding cultural nuances and the evolving expectations from different markets offered invaluable guidance to the audience, comprising students, faculty, and industry professionals.

Acknowledging the ever-changing nature of the industry, Mr. Goyal underscored the importance of continuous learning and adaptability. He addressed challenges posed by technology, compliance, and shifting expectations, emphasizing that every day presents new opportunities for growth and development. The session delved into the intersection of cross-cultural challenges and generational differences within the workforce. Mr. Goyal highlighted the significance of clear communication, patience, and adaptability to bridge these gaps and create a harmonious work environment.

In recognition of Mr. Rahul Goyal's outstanding contribution to the event, Professor Sunil Sarangi, Co-Convenor - Corporate Relations, Career Services, Placement & Industry - Institute Interaction [CRCS], and Coordinator - Centre for Entrepreneurship, felicitated him with a bouquet. Professor Sarangi also delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks to bring the event to a close.

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XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Rahul Goyal XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Rahul Goyal