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Fire Chat Interview: MR SACHINDRANATH

XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Sachindranath

2nd February 2024


XLRI Jamshedpur recently hosted a captivating CXO Series event featuring Mr. Sachindranath, the esteemed founder and managing director of Ugro Capital. This event provided a unique opportunity for students of the PGDM GM Batch to gain valuable insights into the realms of financial management and entrepreneurship, under the expert guidance of Mr. Sachindranath.

Mr. Sachindranath's discourse highlighted the importance of financial inclusion, particularly through Ugro Capital's initiative to involve women as co-applicants in loan applications. This strategic move not only empowers women but also fosters greater equity and autonomy, especially in small business settings. Moreover, Mr. Sachindranath's visionary outlook extends to Ugro Capital's role as a catalyst for entrepreneurial aspirations. He envisions the institution not merely as a financial entity but as a platform for nurturing and empowering budding entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

His insightful commentary unravels the complexities of supplier-lender dynamics, offering nuanced advice for financial services and lending businesses. Backed by illustrative examples and practical wisdom, his discourse explores avenues like productivity enhancement and sustainable practices. Sachandranath's commitment to finding viable solutions underscores his dedication to fostering economic growth.

Throughout the conversation, Mr. Sachindranath emphasized the significance of problem-solving over profit maximization, advocating for a holistic approach that addresses societal needs and creates sustainable value. His insights resonated deeply with the audience, urging aspiring entrepreneurs to chart their own course guided by inner conviction and resilience.Mr. Sachindranath's address at XLRI Jamshedpur served as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts alike. Let us heed his words and embrace the transformative potential of entrepreneurship in shaping a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Key Learnings:

XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Mr Sachindranath XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Mr Sachindranath