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Fire Chat Interview: Manohar Raghavan

XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Manohar Raghavan

30th August 2023

We are delighted to share the profound insights gleaned from Mr. Manohar Raghavan's illuminating guest lecture on business leadership. Speaking to the students of the PGDM GM batch at XLRI Jamshedpur, Mr. Raghavan, the Ex-Director of Asia, Commercial Solutions at 3M Asia Pacific PTE LTD, shared his extensive expertise, offering valuable guidance to the aspiring business leaders of tomorrow.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Souvik Sen, a student from the PGDM GM batch at XLRI. Following this, a heartfelt gesture was extended to Mr. Raghavan as Professor Kanagaraj presented him with a bouquet, signifying the institution's appreciation for his presence and knowledge.

Mr. Raghavan's discourse captivated the audience as he delved into various facets of business management and leadership. He underscored the pivotal role of tracking progress and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through tools like the balanced scorecard, OCEAN country, Lean 6 Sigma, and MIT (Most Important Task). These methodologies offer robust mechanisms to gauge advancement and pivot in response to the dynamic external business milieu.

A riveting Fireside Chat session ensued, steered by two students, Souvik and Anukriti Srivastava, both representing the PGDM GM batch. This segment provided an interactive platform to delve deeper into Mr. Raghavan's insights, creating an enriching learning atmosphere.

Subsequently, an engaging Q&A session transpired, enabling students to directly engage with Mr. Raghavan. This interactive segment allowed for a more comprehensive exploration of topics related to business leadership and management.

The culmination of the event saw Ritesh Kumar, another student of the PGDM GM batch, deliver a heartfelt Vote of Thanks. This expression of gratitude acknowledged Mr. Raghavan's generous sharing of his time, wisdom, and expertise.

As a tangible token of gratitude, Professor Kanagaraj presented a memento to Mr. Raghavan, symbolizing the profound impact of his contribution on the event and the attendees' learning journey.

Key Learnings:

We trust that Mr. Raghavan's insightful discourse and the interactive nature of the event have left an indelible mark on the attendees, empowering them with valuable insights and motivation to excel as future leaders in the realm of business.

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XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Manohar Raghavan XLRI PGDM(GM) has completed the Fire Chat Interview: Manohar Raghavan