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XLRI PGDM (GM) has successfully inaugurated its International CEO Conclave- Avensis with Dignitaries from the Indian Administrative Services and Indian Police Services

17th February, 2023

XLRI’s Auracia Club inaugurated its International CEO Conclave – Avensis on 17th February 2023 with dignitaries from the Indian Administrative Services and Indian Police Services sharing their significant and thought-provoking experiences on the topic “Leadership at Grassroot Level”.

The event started with the lighting of the lamp that was done by Father George, Father Donald, Sanjay Patro, Prof. Kanagaraj and the dignitaries.

It started with the Keynote Address by Mr. Rahul Purwar (IAS), Secretary- Higher & Technical Education- Jharkhand, where he shared his views on Sustainability as a means of long term that is a right blend of approaching all three aspects – People, Purpose, and Planet. He shared his views that Sustainability is beyond just solutions. We need to introspect what that situation that demands and tailor an approach that can be a beginning to long-lasting transformation. He emphasised the necessity to design changes in such a way that those changes enable an organisation to solve the present problems and prepare the organisation for any changes that might come in the future. He further went on to highlight the importance of designing process changes in an organisation which are sustainable. The sustainability of any process can be ensured only if the three segments of stakeholders- Customers, Employees and Community are kept in mind while designing any process changes.

He concluded his speech by saying that private and government entities contribute equally to society. Both, government, and private entities should focus on the well-being of the customers, employees, and community to add value to the society.

It was followed by Fireside Chat –on Topic “Leadership at Grassroot Level”. The Panel comprised of: -

The event was Moderated by Auracia Club Founders – Ms. Aparajita Choudhary and Mr. Shivank Choudhary.

Mr. Aarav Rajkamal shared his views on his journey as an officer stating that his love for economics. He shared economics is to policy is what physics is to engineer so even for business for that matter is exactly what physics is to engineer so it gives you a perspective to analyse every event. He emphasized that intuition development was the best part of learning, aiding in quantifying human and firm behaviour. Regarding his experience, "Each posting is a challenging experience, and you learn something new." He also emphasized that the likelihood of failure decreases when multiple layers of leadership exist.

Mr. Prabhat Kumar shared with how inculcating leadership is a challenging process, he emphasized on we are living in a world where resources are limited and the people, we are dealing with might have limited capabilities. Mr. Prabhat talks about how these challenges can be overcome by bringing uniformity in the process and aligning the team to changing technologies. He also talked about importance of bridging the gap between public and police force. Mr. Prabhat talked about how technology is helping to bridge that gap and requested the future leaders from XLRI to work on solving the problems of rural India. He further added that going forward they were to launch a chatbot that would help people retrieve their lost phones and save them the difficulty to go to the police station to file a report. The number is 9006123444. He shared that they have taken this unique number so nobody has to go to a police station after this for restoring mobile loss. They have also used the Word “JOHAR” in their chatbot to make it more relatable for the common people. This will directly go to their technical centre in his office, & you will be contacted I the phone is found.

Mr. Ananya Mittal shared that the importance of some time to self-reflect and think upon things that you usually miss out on in this busy lifestyle. He focused on the importance of work life balance and how he chooses to keep his best focus at work during work hours to balance his personal life as well. He shared that his experience. Regarding his experience on the move to Jharkhand he shared his views as “Today most of the business acumen being used to solve are for urban centric problems. Being from Delhi and coming to Jharkhand has given the new prospective. Taking the example of mid-day meal program in the rural India, there is numerous opportunities for new business ideas, numerous avenues to solve. There is a huge scale that is already present. Its up to ideation and the utilization that can add more value. “He also shares with examples from his experience that “In leadership, appreciation is very important. It inspires to take on more challenges.”

Mr. Piyush Sinha shared his experience as a freshly appointed IAS officer and how he focused to get into Administrative Services and his various experiences amongst his seniors and peers. He shared how a leader can differ from his attributes and there is no one way that an issue can be resolved but one needs to look for solutions. Leadership is all about getting the work done. The crux of this attitude is professionalism and the way to get the work done should be in logical way. In govt setup the role is not limited, and the scope is not defined. In this environment a great leader is who can take the major number of things to the culmination. Everyone is a born leader and depending upon their attributes they become leader in some specific sphere. It is a natural ability and continuous thorough process were some of his thoughts.

The inaugural event was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Auracia Club of XLRI Jamshedpur which was represented by Mr. Suman Saurav Mishra. This event will be followed by an online international CEO conclave - Avensis to be held on 18th February 2023