Home Giving to XLRI Endowment Fund


The Endowment Fund initiative was proposed by the Class of 1983. Though the Class of 1983 initiated the fund, the intent from the outset envisioned creating an overarching fund that engages alumni from all batches.

Prof. Sarin has been appointed Coordinator, XEF.

With a view to share the primary objectives of the XEF, Fr. Abraham, Director, and Prof. Sarin visited the metros to be present in the Summer Alumni Meets this year. A total of 1500 alumni participated in the Meets across all metros. Fr. Abraham and Prof. Sarin made presentations to update the alumni of growth plans in the years ahead.

After meeting with the alumni and consulting a few senior alumni separately, XLRI has set up a Core Committee specifically to pursue contributions from alumni to the XLRI Endowment Fund.