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12 Months academic programmes have been introduced to enable working professionals /executives to complete their management education while still being in service or at the same time being involved with any other preoccupations.

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM)

Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management (PGCHRM)

ALL these programmes have a COMMON FEATURE OF CAMPUS COMPONENT where the students visit the CAMPUS for a period of 5 Days for training. Evaluation & Certification is done by XLRI Jamshedpur.

GRADUATION Ceremony will also be held at XLRI Jamshedpur.

How is the program delivered? Is it like a correspondence course?

This is NOT a correspondence programme. This programme is offered by broadband infrastructure to deliver real time, synchronous, live education to all the participating students. The interaction is live and uses high quality video, audio and data transfer. The professor teaches from the studio of XLRI. The students are required to come to the learning centers at pre-fixed times. You can visit any of the centers near to you, to get a first hand feel of the technology. Please remember that it also involves one visit of 5-7 days to the XLRI Campus.

How is the program different from an MBA / PGDBM?

These programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the hour taking into account the Resourse & Time constraints of the aspirants at same time meeting the demand for Quality Education.

These programs place a lot of emphasis on work experience. The biggest beneficiaries of this program will be middle and senior management professionals who are looking at growing into general management roles. This programme is neither the regular MBA (PGDBM / PGDPM&IR) of XLRI Jamshedpur nor it's equivalent to any of the regular courses of XLRI.

After completion of the VIL programme would I be eligible for the regular programmes of XLRI ?

The completion of any certification course on this medium does not make one eligible for the regular programmes of XLRI as there is an entrance and for this one has to take an examination and thereby undergo a separate selection process for the same.

Will MNC and corporate recognize this certificate course?

Since the inception of the course we have had 1500 students (working executives of the top-notch companies) who have graduated themselves speak of the quality and market penetration of the course.

In between the course suppose one person is transferred from India to Abroad or gets a job at abroad, Can s/he complete the course from abroad?

The course is conducted only in India and hence can not be undergone abroad.

Where are the class-rooms going to be?

Please visit the link for center address to get the details via talking to the Point of Contact of that center or the City.

Can I speak to a couple of students who have taken the course previously?

Yes, you can on request to any of the Virtual Classroom Coordinator to speak to the participants of the past or ongoing programs.

Can I get a demonstration of how the classes will be conducted before I apply?

Yes. You can visit any of the Virtual Classroom of this VIL Education programmes for a demonstration.

Where can I procure the application form?

The Application Form can be downloaded from https://vil.xlri.ac.in

Is the prospectus available online? Where can I collect it from?

Yes. Please visit https://vil.xlri.ac.in for the electronic brochure.

What are the documents required to apply for this course?

The documents that will be required are copies of your graduation or Degree certificate along with a copy of the Transcript for the above same a letter from the company - justifying your relevant work experience (wherever is applicable) with a DD of Rs. 1000/- payable at Jamshedpur.

Who is eligible for the programs?

For all the programs the eligibility would be Graduation with at least 2 years of work experience.

Basic Knowledge of computers is a must for all the above courses.

Is there an entrance exam and interview process?

There is no entrance exams. Selection is only through interviews & applicants will have to undergo certificate verification process. Originals are required at the time of verification.

What is the admission criterion?

Interviews to be conducted by the faculty of XLRI.

Qualification and Quality and years of work experience.

Results - how are they declared?

The student will be intimated by e mail individually and along with a copy of The Letter of Admission to be sent only to the successful candidates.

What is the minimum % attendance required?

A minimum of 80% attendance is required.

What if I am traveling while the classes are on?

You may opt to take any of the Virtual Classroom Location from whichever city you will be traveling to. This is possible with prior and written permission from both the class-room coordinators so as to make necessary infrastructure available incase of a sudden emergency.

Can I take a break or transfer to another city?

One can take a break under the following conditions.

Break is allowed only once during the course, except during the first term.

Once you take a break you have to send the Brake form to XLRI with a copy to your study center.

While transferring to another city, one needs to follow the rules and regulation laid down by the technical partner.

Is project work after or within the course duration?

Project work needs to be completed within the course duration and within the time frame as specified by the VIL office.

Will there be guest lectures from the industry experts?

As an when required there will be guest Lectures from the experts of Indian industry.

Why can't this be converted into a diploma with proper specialization?

Diploma is awarded after 3000 hours of full-time classroom interaction. Whereas a Postgraduate Certificate can be awarded after 400 hours of part-time programme spread over 12/14 months.

Is the certification from XLRI and/or with Technical Partner jointly?

Certificate will be awarded directly by XLRI only.

Can we take course through just internet?

You cannot take the course through internet. You have to come to the Virtual Classroom Location to attend the session.

Is there any possibility to access course material through internet?

Course material can be accessed through internet. There is one Academic Information System (AIS) where only registered students can access the course material.

Is there any scope for deferring the course if we are on travel to out country, say US where Virtual Classroom studio is not available?

Completing 1st term is mandatory. However if one wishes one can take a breake but care has to be taken in seeing to it that is completed within a timeframe of 36 months.

Are there any possibilities of the faculty visiting in respective cities or at least to major metros when courses are on?

Yes. There is a possibility of the faculty visiting the respective cities.

How the assessment and grading are done for an individual at the end of the session?

A student is assessed on his performance in quizzes thereby conducted followed by Mid term End term Exams and Individual or Group Assignments like Case Studies & Project work given to them from time to time and accordingly Grades are awarded.

For some subjects, it is absolutely necessary and for some it is left to the discretion of the faculty concerned.

Whether the course material given by XLRI would be sufficient or do we require to refer other books for successful completion of the programme?

The course material supplied by XLRI would be sufficient. For extra or additional information one is free to refer to other books.

What will be the evaluation procedure, grade system or pointer?

The grading pattern and the evaluation procedure are specified in the Student Manual which is available on AIS for use by the registered students.

How do we communicate with the faculty other than class room timings?

Preferable communication medium is through email however a student make a call over telephone.

Can the enrolled students attend classes at any of the centers, in case of travel?

The whole idea or purpose of launching a VIL-Based Programme is to enable students attend classes while on tour without interrupting their programme schedule.

What do you expect from the students?

Each student will successfully complete the course by full filling the minimum course requirements like attendance, submission of projects and assignments in time, fair participation in all exams along with their active participation to make the VIL programme a grand success.

Candidates with their graduation and having their own business are they eligible?

Yes, they are eligible provided they are actively involved in the business.

Would candidates having diploma with be eligible?

They are not eligible.

Will there be placement assistance?

As on date XLRI Jamshedpur does not provide any placement assistance for VIL programmes.

Is there any Library facility provided to the students?

No, there will not be any Library facility for the students of this programme.