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Fellow Programme in Management - Queries

What is FPM?

FPM is commonly used abbreviation for "Fellow Programme in Management". The FPM is a full time, residential, doctoral programme that trains prospective scholars to become highly skilled and innovative researchers and teachers in various aspects of management. It primarily aims at preparing students for careers as faculty members at premier academic institutions. It is equivalent to a Ph.D. programme and should not be confused with the MBA degree.

Where can I get more information about the Fellow Programme in Management?

FPM & Research Office
Circuit House Area (East) (or Post Box No.222)
Jamshedpur 831035
Phone: 91-657-398 3269
Fax: 91-657-2227814
Website: http://www.xlri.ac.in/academic-programmes/fellow-programme/fpm-overview.php

What is the average completion time for FPM?

One usually takes 4 years to finish thesis work. And hence gets the degree usually in the 5th year's convocation. But one can start working after comprehensive exam is completed. Total maximum allowed time to complete FPM is six years (five years for those exempted from first year course work); two extensions of six months each are possible under exceptional circumstances.

Is it possible to complete the programme on a part-time basis?

No. However, a student may seek employment after the comprehensive exam is completed, with the concurrence of his/her thesis advisory committee.

Who should apply? What are the typical backgrounds of doctoral students?

Students interested in pursuing research careers having high scholastic aptitude should apply. Typically students have varied backgrounds.

What are the qualities which XLRI is looking for in applicants to the programme?

We are looking for highly motivated and disciplined candidates with strong academic preparation who exhibit curiosity, desire to learn, and have an inclination towards research.

How will I sustain myself for 4-5 years, if I have a family?

XLRI provides fellowship of Rs. 20,000 per month during 1st and 2nd year and Rs. 25,000 per month for the next two years to doctoral students.

Does it help to have an MBA degree before entering the programme?

No. The first year course requirements are common for PGDM and FPM programmes. Hence, a student coming from non-management background is equally placed with those having a management background.

However if you are a graduate of XLRI or some other selected institutes, you may receive a full/conditional waiver in courses if you fulfill some minimum criteria.

How do I apply? What is the process of admission to the programme? Where can I get the forms? Can I apply online?

You can apply online. Please visit our website, www.xlri.edu

Do I have to take XAT for getting admission in to FPM?

Yes, admission to FPM is through XAT exam; or alternatively some other test scores are acceptable. However, if you are a graduate of XLRI or some other selected institutes, you need not appear for XAT. In any case you have to appear for an interview.

What are the important deadlines?

Last Date for Applying: November 30
Written Test: January 3, 2010 (Sunday)
Interview: March/April
Joining: June 2nd/3rd Week

What is the purpose of the interview? What is expected at the interview for XLRI? Does it help if I come prepared with a research proposal?

The purpose of the interview is to gauge the academic preparation of the candidate for the programme. It also gives the candidate an opportunity to find out if the programme meets the requirements of the student. The student is not expected to have prepared any research proposal.

Is separate accommodation for married people available?

Right now there's no provision for such accommodation. We are working on it, though.

Does the programme accept international students?

Yes. The programme accepts international students. The eligibility requirements are the same as for domestic students.

How selective is XLRI? What are my chances of getting admitted? How many students are admitted each year?

XLRI intends making 20 offers each year. More than 300 candidates are expected to apply.

What areas of specialization are offered in the programme?

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Personnel Management & Industrial Relations / Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management

Do you have an option of doing inter-disciplinary research?

Yes. You could specify this at the time of application, though you have to choose one main area of specialization while applying. You could take courses from a variety of areas and choose your thesis topic that cuts across disciplines.

Is the course-work at XLRI very difficult?

The Institute expects high academic rigor and integrity. It has stringent requirements at every stage of the programme. The candidates who are unable to meet the requirements will be asked to leave the programme.

What are the important stages in the programme?

The key stages are:

  • First year coursework common with XLRI PG programme
  • Second year coursework in area of specialization
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Proposal defense
  • Data collection / Research
  • Thesis defense

Do I apply for a specific area or can I choose my area after getting admission?

You have to apply for a specific area. Area to which you have applied will decide on your suitability for admission. You can change your area of specialization later, under exceptional circumstances.

How much flexibility exists in the programme? Can I change my area of research during my stay at XLRI?

XLRI FPM offers a mix of flexibility and rigidity to the students. Students are allowed to change their chosen area of work during the first year at XLRI, if they fulfil specified criteria. XLRI offers high degree of flexibility in choosing area of research.

How do I choose my research topic?

A research topic requires interest and motivation of student and availability of a suitable guide interested in the area. FPM students form a Thesis Advisory Committee with whom they have to work towards their thesis.

What is the process of getting a scholarship and how much is the amount?

Fellow students are awarded a fellowship of Rs. 20,000 per month during 1st & 2nd year and Rs. 25,000 per month for the next two years; an additional Rs. 25,000 per course will be paid from third year if the student chooses to work as Research and Teaching Assistant (RTA).

Are doctoral students required to teach?

No. However, they are required to assist faculty members in their area of work, if they wish to work as research and teaching assistant (RTA), for which Rs. 25,000 per course will be paid extra from third year.

What support is available for presenting research papers in Indian and international conferences?

The Institute provides support for attending conferences in India and abroad after successful completion of first two years. A fellow student will be reimbursed all related expenses (travel by air, train, and taxi, hotel, food, all conference fees, other incidental expenses, etc.) up to Rs. 150,000 (all-inclusive, domestic and foreign conferences together).

How do I find a job after completing my doctoral studies?

A Fellow Programme student is not entitled to the same services of the Students' Placement Bureau as are provided to the postpostgraduate students. However, wherever possible and appropriate, the Institute will provide guidance and help to the students in securing jobs in academic organisations.

How does the programme prepare me for an academic career?

This is achieved through a structure that has proven to be very effective for starting and developing a research and teaching career in management--a structure that comprises two years of course work followed by two years of supervised dissertation research. It forms the minimum requirement for seeking a position in academia. Our FPM-graduates are currently working in some of the best academic institutions in the country.

Is FPM from XLRI recognized as equivalent to a Ph.D.?

The program is approved by AICTE. And we have applied to AIU for equivalence recognition.

What is the degree/title that I get at the completion of the programme?

A fellow student is awarded the title, 'Fellow in Management'.

Are graduates of Satellite-Based programmes exempted from taking the XAT?


What is the validity period for GATE / GRE / GMAT / UGC JRF scores?

GATE : 1 year
UGC JRF (research) : 2 years
GRE / GMAT : 5 years

Can one be permitted to apply in both PGP and FPM?


Where can I get an answer to my XAT related queries?

Please contact our Admissions Office, Phone:91-657-398 3203 /3204/ 3205; Email: