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All India Essay Writing Competition

General Topic: Ethics, Business and Society

What is the relevance of ethics for common living? How does ethics affect our society? Can a business driven by moral values and vision be sustainable? What is the role of ethics in society and in business? Responding to these significant questions, an essay competition is being planned for students, who will be the future citizens of India.

The larger framework of this competition is to explore the significance of ethics in the society at large and in the business world in particular. So, you are requested to choose one specific topic which you are convinced of and argue for it. Do not remain at the general or descriptive level. Choose one particular area, find arguments for and against and come to a reasoned and deliberate opinion. Some of the sub-topics you can argue for or against are the following:

  • Role of ethics in character building
  • Ethics is purely subjective!
  • There cannot be an objective ethics.
  • Ethics creates identity
  • Topics of your own choice (related to ethics and society)
  • For more topics see the website (https://kuru.in/topics)


An online workshop, which will be helpful for the final essay, will be conducted for those who register before Dec 10, 2022. In order to register, send an email with your full name, bio details, educational background and contact address to jrdtf@xlri.ac.in . You may also register at the website [link to Registration Form].


  • You are welcome to add references, to make your arguments more consistent, cohesive and persuasive. Keep the footnotes to minimum.
  • Avoid plagiarism by all means.
  • Use APA style with in-text citations. For details and model essays, please see https://kuru.in/topics
  • In the essay, please try to be focused and specific. Argue persuasively for your point, bringing out logically consistently reasons or premises. You may quote business leaders, ethicists or thinkers.
  • The decision of the organizing committee is final.

For APA style https://bit.ly/3zEnOBd
See Model essay: https://kuru.in/topics

Important Dates

Last date for submission of the essay: July 30, 2023

No of words (including bibliography and footnotes): 2,500-3,500

Last Date for submitting draft December 25, 2022 for feedback and comments.

Two online workshops will be conducted. Dates will be announced later in this page.

Announcement of the Prices: July 31, 2023

Selected Essays will be published with DOI and ISSN or ISBN.

Prize Money: First Prize: ₹ 20,000
Second Prize: ₹ 15,000
Third Prize: ₹ 10,000

Ten consolation prizes of ₹ 2,000 each

Participation certificates will be given to deserving participants.

Organized by JRD Tata Foundation for Business Ethics - XLRI, Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

Email: jrdtf@xlri.ac.in