Teaching at XLRI  

Our adjunct faculty application is open to all disciplines and although we may not have an immediate opening, we appreciate your submission for future needs. To apply, please complete the online application. Login Now to Apply!.

Academic Diary  

Get Online Access to the XLRI Academic Diary for the Current Year.


In the e-Prospectus you'll find an overview of studies and subjects you can follow at XLRI. Login to View.

Online Learning/E-MDP  

The XLRI faculty using interactive, cutting-edge and world-class e-learning digital platform provided by the various technical partners will deliver the Programmes over a live two-way, audio-video platform. XLRI has certified more than 4500 participants over the last 12 years through the VIL platform giving the faculty the expertise to deliver online programs.

Library, Gymnasium  

All Alumni are entitled to avail Library Facilities for their academic and personal development. You can get Gymnasium Membership as well.

Avail Guest House Facility  

XLRI has guest house facilities within the campus to meet its needs. Alumni can apply online for their accomodation within the Campus. Login to view more in details.